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My scroll!~ and my Wishlist!
11/2/18 4:21pm Ahhh, I got my very first Zombie dragon on Halloween since playing from 2009, I'm so happy. ;3;
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    Krinsentor, her very own world. Hoping you'll look at her DeviantArt and DC wishlist rather than this...
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    Click it!!! ---> http://averycf.deviantart.com/ <--- Click it!!!
    Hi everyone and welcome to my crummy little page, i'm Avery, (Both online and real) an anger managed, antisocial, bipolar, edgy, random, tomboy twenty-one year old girl who loves video games a bit too much. I am a geek and proud, and though I am antisocial it- takes more effect in aloud speech. Don't be afraid to say hi, I type more than I generally talk. If I don't respond then I probably have a reason, so don't worry if you said hi to me and I respond that it might be a bad day. I'll always respond if I feel chatty. x'D I'll friend anyone who wants to friend me and give them nicknames to be able to figure out who they are, and i'll also organize you into a special folder. x'D So- also don't be worried if you're like, "Hi, i'm Jake. You know- the guy from state farm?" (I'll know. x'D)

    ALSO: I make art! Please check out my Deviant Art and say hi there too! Deviant Art is like my Facebook- i'm ALWAYS on it! (Link found above! ^^^ )