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brairtrainer.pngYes_zpsb4522831.jpgfreelovebanner2-1.gif2mr8f41.gif I accept IOU's and hoard flamingos. Looking for CB Balloons and 4th gen white and daydream prizekin! Willing to trade!

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    I make and keep ious. I list my ious here so you can see how I do at keeping them. I keep those notes for completed ones for one week.

    Xybi gets either a paper egg or pumpkin for green nebula.

    Hunting for Balloon eggs as well as a 4th gen white prizekin from female whites (stair) and a 4th gen daydream prizekin from female daydreams (also stair).

    Also looking for even gens with multiple dragon species (the more the merrier!) with preference given to rares/dragons I don't have. I also give away eggs if you ask nicely! Note all my dragons have a life mate. Most are even gen but some are not!