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  1. Reaching out for a little support here: Its finals week, and I'm a huge ball of stress. Even with being on my ADD medication my anxiety symptoms have popped up the last two weeks making it hard to focus on school work or anything else. On top of this I'm having to deal with living at home until I can maybe get financial aid in the spring, my mom critisizing me for taking medication even though she's noticed a huge difference in me (because she thinks I didn't try harder to eat healthy and get more sleep and excercise before jumping to drugs. And she doesn't believe I have ADD.) I'm losing weight from the medication and the not feeling a need to eat lunch unless prompted by something (a break at work my sister dragging me somewhere, knowing I have to close) and my nurse practitioner who is working with me with the medication is worried that I'm not getting enough calories and protein. When I mention to my mom how I notice I'm losing weight because my pants aren't fitting right (most are nearly falling off) but I don't have the money to replace them, and I don't know if my losing weight is healthy or not (and won't know until my general practioner runs a full physical, which will then lead to possibly having to change medication with the nurse practioner) and her response is I'm looking good and maybe she needs to get on medication like mine to lose weight. Just...ugh, I do know my medication can be used off label for that but first you tell me you don't want me on it then you make this comment when I share I'm worried about how much weight I'm losing when I've been told this may not be a good thing? That's the last thing I need to hear :/ On top of that, I go in for an ultrasound this week to find out what's wrong with my lady bits (can't use tampons, the first diagnosis seems incorrect so now we have to take a looksee) and I won't find out what's wrong until next week when my doctor can sit down and look over the results.
  2. I'm going to start with the without breeding them, since this answer should be able to cover all the genders first. So each Celestial will have a week to be corporal and at the end of the week will become incorporal for 30 days. The first Celestial becomes corporal (day one) The first Celestial becomes ethereal and second becomes corporal (day 7--cool down 30 days 1) The second Celestial becomes ethereal and third becomes corporal (day 14--cool down 23 days first one cool down 30 days second) The third celsetial becomes ethereal and the forth becomes corporal(day 21--cool down 16 days first 23 second 30 days third) The forth becomes ethereal and the fifth becomes corporal(day 28--cool down 9 days first, 16 days second, 23 days third, 30 days fourth) The fifth becomes ethereal and the sixth becomes corporal(day 35--cool down 2 days first, 9 days second, 16 days third, 23 days fourth, 30 days fifth) The first one is able to become corporial when the sixth one goes on CD. So you need 6 of each gender and hatchling state, so two adults + three hatchlings = 6*5 or 30 all together. As for breeding lets assume you are breeding the same day as you are making them corporal. You either need to have 12 adults you are not breeding or you need to have 60 adults if you breed the day after you make one corprial because of the cool down time. So the total for this would be 60+(6*3)=78
  3. You get a max of ten tries at adults/from frozen hatchlings. However you can have more from killing growing hatchlings. Assuming you can maintain a hatchie lock with a gold scroll: on the 10th you fog all the hatchlings (which should have all just hatched) they should die on the 17th. Things that die by running out of time do not take your kill slots so lets say you are able to lock yourself again with hatchies and fog them. These hatchlings should all die on the 24th. Then if you grab another set and fog those should all die on the 31st. So all in all you have three hatchie lock tries and at a gold scroll that's three sets to try. So you have 10 adults + (21 x 3) hatchies 10 + (63) 73 chances. However it would mean missing halloween breeding (you could grab other halloweens from the wall after the new halloweens hatch if there are enough
  4. Well first you could only get to fifth gen, and since holidays can only breed with other holidays once a year (on their respective holidays) an easy answer would be five years not counting the halloweens. I will do a better calculation during the summer based on all holidays if I can track down which halloweens are limited by 7 egg limits and which were here during the 4 and one bred.
  5. bumping as someone asked about how many BSA's they needed. also looking for more math
  6. I sent a lot of creation avatars to the AP. Lets see if you guys can figure out why when they show up
  7. http://dragcave.net/lineage/8wl7X okay something has to give, love this lineage Kova but I need to know, is there some sort of flamingo x Xenowyrm project I'm unaware of?
  8. I really like this idea, and I think I have an answer to the whole wanting to see the whole sprite. What if you were able to click on the nest and get a sort nest page. You could see the whole sprite there, and perhaps a few areas outside of the nest could allow you to place an egg. This allows you to have the nest look the way you want, and people can click it and instead get a page that shows all the sprites that you collected in that nest.
  9. I love flamingos, and I am seriously loving this checker o3o http://dragcave.net/lineage/oyFu8 found in the ap as an egg, going to take some serious trading to build a mate
  10. This balloon http://dragcave.net/lineage/JGCZp keeps refusing the mates I have for her, I got her because the other balloon I had for the checker misgendered e.e
  11. I'd recomend requesting a no contact order for your mom. Depending on the state you may have to get it reissued every so often and you may be able to put stipulations (like if she regularly attends AA meetings for a period of time she can contact you, etc.)
  12. I feel for you right now. It sucks when parents ignore your crys for help or to talk about something medical. If I were you I'd call your doctor and see if you can schedule an appointment and tell your parents. Have him address the issue with them and maybe they'll listen. *hugs*
  13. Good news: Seems like I've found the right dosage of Adderol Semigood maybe bad news: I've lost a signifigant amount of weight which may be side affects or no longer needing to emotionally eating to deal with the other emotions attatched to ADD :/ Going to see the nurse practioner on monday though so hopefully the weight loss is nothing to worry about. edit: After seeing him he says he just wants to track it for now, and possibly switch me to vyvance if crashes keep occuring. Anyone else here medicated who have had to deal with crashes?
  14. This was an amazing find o3o (I'll need to get a mate for it this halloween) http://dragcave.net/lineage/q4Nhv
  15. You can if you wan. Its not needed but it was something that made me curious o3o
  16. Figured out what was actually happening (note to self, depoprevera only prevents periods when not interacting with other medication and may give you double period issues for a day e.e). Also, found this on one of my ADD/ADHD facebook pages http://www.buzzfeed.com/carolinekee/distra...-me#.wey0929Xvg What does everyone think of it?
  17. So question for people taking medication, specifically stimulants, have you ever felt sick until you take your medication and then felt better afterwards? only to find that afterward the medication wears off the sick feeling returns?
  18. Have you tried Melatonin? You take it about an hour and a half before you want to go to bed. Its the same hormone your body makes when night comes around. It may make you grogey in the morning, but my doctor perscribed it for my ADD sleep issues.
  19. Its times like these I wish I had a like button
  20. I will do that then (along with tracking down some refresher youtube videos that the school uses).
  21. I don't know your dad, but perhaps he's just worried and isn't aware of how active you are? Especially with the rise of awareness for illnesses like anorexia. If it is genuine concern ask him to schedule you an appointment with your doctor, allow him to relay his concerns and you relay your school schedule/eating habits. If there is no issue your doctor will ease your dad's mind. If there is an issue (which may not be your fault, but through your time manegment you could be missing key nutrients (sodium is a big one in teenage girls)) it can be identified and your doctor can help steer you and your dad in a direction to make up for the missing nutrients (could lead to a fight with the school on the amount of time you have to eat lunch if you are missing nutrients). IF your dad is not genuinely concerned then that sucks listen to your body and make decisions that work for you. IF your body feels good about what you are putting in your body then who cares what anyone (other than your docotor) thinks.
  22. I think it tosses them back in the que as blanks (if I'm remembering right before my hiatus). You could always try to revamp them, either change them entirely or make them up to your writing standard, the embarrassing ones would disappear until the new ones were approved.
  23. Quoteing this because I had a similar thought and wanted to post it here (wasn't sure if the thread had been closed in my haitus, otherwise I would have made a new thread) Make it based on descriptions reviewed and/or/inconjunction with number of descriptions. Then have a number of approvers (TJ decides the number, can raise it if needed) approvers recieve either an email or a note on their scroll that leads to a page asking them if they want to be a description approver with a yes/no box. IF you say no the next person on the list gets offered a chance. You can be offered a chance again a month later just in case you change your mind if a position opens up. How I think this would work: TJ09 sets the number of approvers to 10. TJ09 then sets the number of descriptions approved to be 100. This could be any mix of reviewed and written descriptions (where they agree with the mod, so if you reject something a mod rejects that counts to the 100, abstains don't gain any points either way). User A has 90 descriptions they have agreed with the mods on and 10 descriptions on their page approved. They are now in the running for description approver. User B has 99 descriptions they have agreed with mods on but no descriptions written. They are not in the running for description approver. User C has 200 descriptions they have agreed with mods on and 30 descriptions approved, they are not only in the running for description approver but are also ahead of user A. (I would also be willing to put a time frame in which descriptions and reviews count, so that you're picking from active players.) User C is invited to become a description approver, they decline for whatever reason. User A is offered the chance and they accept. User A is now able to see descrpitions like mods can, User C can not be asked to be a description approver until a month is up. Activity checks can be up to TJ. Honestly, I would like to give description approvers a way to opt out after they have agreed (like a mod retireing) and announce hiatuses (which protects them from losing their position for the time they have announced their hiatus, not beyond.) This means that Users who are description approvers do not have to be shown on the forum, could be members of the user base who are not on the forums, and can either help without letting people know who they are, or letting people know who they are if they so choose. Anyone claiming to be a description approver who is not could be punished under the impersonating mods rule, but I would go on the lowest warning level for that offense.
  24. Funnily enough I'm learning ASL through my schools interperting program (will probably only get the Deaf Studies Certificate though, which school did you go to?). I find using the alphebet and the number system to be calming when I'm stressed. Any tips or tricks for remembering the language though? (I'm better with ASL then I was with French but had to take a semseter off so I'm going in a bit rusty with only some time spent signing to customers)
  25. Some fun ideas for potions/items: Potion of overexcitability: give this to a dragon who's description is still waiting to be approved and he'll float to the top of the que. This would be a cheap potion, would not affect mods seeing it, but would allow people who like seeing comments on their dragons get a chance at more comments A potion to reverse refusals A potion to lessen the chance of an initial refusal (cannot stack ontop of the potion used to reverse) A costume kit to bring back halloween affects for dragons we want it for.