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kith.png 2117792.gif Looking for GoNkin and mates for my holiday dragons (see profile for list)Seeking 2G ice from female bronze shimmerscale (not from Sansa or Oasis). Also needing 2G gold shimmerscale from pacified aegis (not from Khyriana). Willing to give a lot for each, please PM to negotiate trades.Dreams - neglected (2/7 for scroll completion), 2G tinsel (one of each color), 2G shimmerscale (gold, silver)

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    Seeking 2G ice from female bronze shimmerscale (not from Sansa or Oasis). Have aegis offspring from Khyriana, would love to negotiate a 2G gold shimmerscale mate for him. Please PM if you can help; willing to offer lots for either of these!

    Also looking for mates for my holiday dragons. Please PM to negotiate a trade or to make sure I'm not egg-locked to gift.

    3G silver from sweetling checker


    3G black from yulebuck checker (preferably with alt black in 2nd gen)

    Holiday dragons I'm seeking (may also be in the holiday mate list):

    3G sweetling from waterhorse
    2G floral-crowned from copper (green)
    2G floral-crowned from garland
    2G floral-crowned from olive
    2G floral-crowned from plated colossus
    2G floral-crowned from silver
    2G floral-crowned from vine

    2G omen from female striped river
    2G arcana from male bright-breasted wyvern
    2G arcana from male firegem (green)
    2G arcana from female firegem (green)
    2G arcana from garland
    2G arcana from male leodon
    2G arcana from female leodon
    2G arcana from male pyralspite (spessartine)
    2G arcana from female seasonal (summer)

    2G garland from khusa
    2G garland from water walker

    Also needing some 2G GoNkin to mate my avatars to:

    2G gold from male GoN
    2G ridgewing (purple) from female GoN x male tan ridgewing

    A HUGE thank-you to all who have gifted and/or traded with me!

    Scroll notes: Anything above my tree is on its way to someone else. Cross-species breeding pairs are listed first, then same-species, then unmated dragons. IB denotes inbred dragons, which I will take in, but do not breed.

    Current IOUs:

    Completed IOUs for: