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Dreams - neglected (4/7 for scroll completion), 2G tinsel (one of each color), 2G shimmerscale (silver)

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    Georgia, USA
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    Seeking 2G ice from female bronze shimmerscale (not from Sansa or Oasis). Please PM if you can help; willing to offer lots!

    Holiday dragons I'm seeking:

    2G erador from aeon
    2G erador from alcedine (blue)
    2G erador from aranoa
    2G erador from crystalline
    2G erador from elix lucis
    2G erador from labradorite
    2G erador from red-finned tidal
    2G erador from sinii krai
    2G erador from skysilk

    2G pumpkin from M pargulus (blue)
    2G pumpkin from F pargulus (blue)
    2G pumpkin from M pargulus (green)
    2G pumpkin from F pargulus (green)
    2G pumpkin from M pargulus (red)
    2G pumpkin from F pargulus (red)
    2G kohraki from M ash
    2G kohraki from F ash
    2G kohraki from F cloudplume
    2G kohraki from M fell
    2G kohraki from F floret (gold)
    2G kohraki from M khusa
    2G kohraki from M razorcrest
    2G kohraki from F sandwaste
    2G kohraki from M scimitar-wing wyvern
    2G kohraki from F shimmerscale (bronze)
    2G kohraki from starsinger
    2G kohraki from F storm

    2G ribbon dancer from arcana
    2G ribbon dancer from aeon
    2G starsinger from aeria gloris
    2G wintertide from copper (green)
    2G wintertide from frill
    2G wintertide from plated colossus
    2G wintertide from rift
    2G wintertide from seasonal (fall)
    2G wintertide from terrae
    2G wintertide from xenowyrm (gaia)
    2G wintertide from xenowyrm (obidar)

    A HUGE thank-you to all who have gifted and/or traded with me!

    Scroll notes: Anything above my tree is on its way to someone else. Cross-species breeding pairs are listed first, then same-species, then unmated dragons. IB denotes inbred dragons, which I will take in, but do not breed.

    Current IOUs:

    Completed IOUs for: