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  1. Got the 3g blue lunar herald from wrapping wing I needed in time for Christmas. I've been meaning to breed it since last Christmas and kept forgetting while blues were in season, and then I took a hiatus, and then it was Halloween, and suddenly now it's the last blue lunar breeding season before Christmas and I'm really glad to have a) remembered this time and b) gotten an egg from them so I don't have to wait another year.
  2. I'd support almost anything that gave us more egg slots. There are always more things I want to raise than I have space for, and 2000 dragons for the theoretical next step is completely feasible for a casual player. One pretty common scroll goal I see is a m/f pair of each dragon that that's possible for, and a m/f/u set of frozen hatchlings. Accounting for color variants and things like leetle trees, dinos, sinomorphs, etc. which have fewer genders and forms available, I figured that you'd have 1802 dragons once you'd collected all those. My math may not be perfect but it's a useful ballpark figure, I think. If the next proposed trophy is at 1500 dragons you'd hit it easily in the pursuit of that scroll goal. If it's at 2000 you'd still hit it fairly easily if you do lineages or collect armies or grab a bunch of random eggs just to give them funny names. 2500 seems high for the next level after platinum, though, and I think 10,000 is way too high to be a useful trophy level. I know some people must have hit that, but I've been on here since 2012 and I'm not even close to that many. I'd most support a new level at 2000 (9/27), and another at 5000 (10/30), and I'd prefer no levels beyond that.
  3. I joined in 2012. When this thread was first posted I didn't qualify as an oldie but I do now and that is a very weird feeling.
  4. Including growing things I just hit 4800 dragons. Nice to see the scroll counter at a nice round number; I almost always miss it when that happens.
  5. Managed to breed and trade for some much-needed Christmas mates that are starting to hatch. One in particular is a 2g, who I needed in order to breed a common mate for my 3g, which I need in order to breed a Christmas mate for my 4g that I've had since 2013(!!). It will be an indescribable relief to finally get that one paired. The AP has also been very nice to me the last few days, and I'm about to hit scroll goals on no less than five breeds once my current batch of stuff grows up.
  6. Hatched a messy zyu so I could freeze it at s1. It hatched while I was at work, and it got sick as zyus often do around hatching. I froze it instead of fogging, not realizing that the sickness message would stay on the dragon's view page. Now I have a perpetually sick hatchling. I did not realize that that could happen.
  7. @0x08 They do look nice with the females too! Though I think the female astaarus is super versatile in lineages; they look good with a lot of different things. The males are much trickier to me.
  8. I have to admit I was not a huge fan of these guys until I bred one to a male astaarus and now I'm rethinking that stance a bit. I've always loved the male astaarus sprite but never found anything I liked it with in lineages until now. The iridichi brings out the blue in the astaarus's feet and tail, and the astaarus brings out the warm colors in the iridichi's wings.
  9. Time to share my Halloween haul! I thought I didn't have many from the AP, since I did a lot of my own lineages and gave away so many misgenders, but there are more than I thought. Many many thanks to: @Kith for this pumpkin x pargulus checker @Lavinia for this glystere x omen worm anon for this witchlight x olive, I think that's the first time I've ever seen an olive lineage I wanted to keep anon for this desipis x yellow gemshard that misgendered but it still a very nice pairing anon for this grave x alstromeria (sp?) @Snowwall for this lurker x gaia anon for this shadow x khusa @Limanya for this caligene x gold iris @tishavara for this marrow x shumoga anon for this omen x tercorn @tishavara again for this kohraki x labradorite, I never would have thought of this pairing but it's perfect @sashocirrione for this omen x amarignis @stormphoenix for this omen x mystra @SassyGames for this kohraki x mirisia, another one I'd never have thought of but I love it anon for this witchlight x black tea @Essfia for this lurker x elux checker, I have an unrelated line and have already bred a mate to make 4gs @Scrolls_ for this pitfire x gaia, the only adult pitfire I raised this year @EvilNecromancer for this omen x obidar anon for this arcana x shumoga @surelychoo for this shadow x ribbon dancer, I'd been searching for one of these for a while Not to mention the dozen or so people who tossed CB old Halloweens to the AP, that I then caught and raised. I needed too many lineages to focus on those but I do love finding low time ones there to fill out my scroll. I hit my CB goals on several breeds this year thanks to you guys.
  10. Forum Name: Amberfly PM Link: link List of Christmas dragons I can breed: I'm only listing checkers here, but I do have a handful of other lines, mostly even gens and one or two stairs. See the spreadsheet in my signature for those, and for lineage links, or shoot me a PM. If it says it's spoken for, I can still breed them out of season. I breed for free, even in season, so don't worry if you don't have anything on my list. Holly 3g checkers from mistletoe, leodon, black, frill, vine, swallowtail, venturis, and astaarus. I also have one from white but it's not a perfect checker. 2gs and a 3g checker from lacula are already spoken for. Yulebuck 2g from your choice of mate (x2) 3g checkers from pink, gold, shadow walker (spriter alt shadow), red, pillow, bbw (x2), deepsea (x2), monarch, albino, balloon, green siyat, and sapo. 4g checkers from deepsea (x2), shadow walker (spriter alt shadow), storm, bbw, red, balloon, pillow, and albino. 5g checkers from albino, bbw, and deepsea. 3g checker from terrae is already spoken for. Snow Angel I have tricolor snow angels, but I'm not picky about wing colors in my lineages. A few have all-tricolor, but many don't. Check the spreadsheet in my signature for lineage links if this is important to you. 2g from mate of your choice (x2) 3g checkers from pillow, heartseeker, shadow walker, radiant angel, sweetling, royal blue, caligene, moonstone, gold floret (iris), storm, razorcrest, and equinox. 4g checkers from storm, teimarr, and terrae. Ribbon Dancer 2g from mate of your choice (x2) 3g checkers from white (cannot be bred out of season), tsunami, radiant angel, sunstone, heartseeker, vine, shadow walker (spriter alt shadow), gold, aeon, and leodon. 4g checkers from vine and leodon. 3g checkers from pillow and storm are already spoken for. Blizzard 2g from mate of your choice (x2) 3g checkers from light lumina, gw (x3), val 09, shadow walker, lurker, harvest, and elux. 3g checker from gw Wrapping-wing 2g from mate of your choice (x1) 3g checkers from grave, royal blue, green gemshard, sunstone, almerald (x2), azure glace, hellfire, witchlight, moonstone, gw, blue lunar herald, sapo, and speckle-throat. 4g checkers from gw, silver, moonstone, and almerald. One of the 2gs and the 3g flamingo check are already spoken for. Solstice Like snow angels, I'm not picky about wing color on these. Check out the spreadsheet in my signature if that is important to you. 2g from mate of your choice (x2) 3g checkers from heartseeker, pillow, blusang, thalassa, tercorn, frostbite, and sweetling. 4g checker from leodon. Mistletoe 3g checkers from heartseeker, deepsea, caligene, green gemshard, bluebanded, azure glace, fell, aeon, desipis, holly, witchlight, kingcrowne, mutamore, ke'maro, and balloon. 4g checkers from deepsea, green gemshard, gaia, bluebanded, mutamore, and azure glace. On the 3g fell and 4g deepsea I'd love to do a blood swap if you've got one, but it's not a requirement. 2gs are already spoken for. Aegis All my aegis are pacified and will remain so. 2g from mate of your choice (x1) 3g checkers from bolt, gaia, almerald, green, tercorn, fell, aqualis, lihnseyre, and mistra. 4g checkers from green and fell. I've also got a 3g x maegia from a spriter alt line, but it's not a checker. The progeny will look like this. One 2g is already spoken for. Snow 2g from mate of your choice (x2) 3g checkers from garland, witchlight, caligene, soulstone, blue lunar herald, tan ridgewing, bolt, frill, and gaia. 4g checkers from soulstone, frill, and aether. Garland 2g from mate of your choice (x2) 3g checkers from gaia, snow, deepsean terrae, and heartseeker. 4g checkers from gaia and terrae. 5g checker from gaia. Starsinger 3g checkers from aether, tan ridgewing, gold floret (iris), caligene, purple floret (iris), and sweetling. 4g checker from aether. 2gs and the 3g checker from black truffle are already spoken for. Wintertide 2g from mate of your choice (x2) 3g checkers from astaarus, plated colossus, sakuhana, and aether. I have two of the astaarus ones, but one is spoken for. Glystere 2g from mate of your choice (x1) Second 2g is already spoken for. List of Christmas dragons I'm looking for: 2g holly from f sinomorph 3g holly from almerald check 3g holly from bronze shimmer check 3g yulebuck from almerald check 3g wrapping from arsani 3g wrapping from bbw 3g mistletoe from fell check (blood swap available) 4g mistletoe from deepsea (blood swap available) 5g snow from fire gem check as a mate for this one 4g garland from tercorn check 3g starsinger from ash List of commons from Christmas dragons I'm looking for: 2g black from holly 3g gaia from holly check 3g almerald from holly check 3-5g terrae from yule (I need a 5g and have it partly built) 3g purple floret (iris) from mistletoe Up to 4g gold lunar herald from aegis (I need a 4g, but high gen holidays are scarce) 3g antarean from starsinger check 3g blusang from starsinger check 2g obidar from wintertide
  11. That's what I though. You can tell I don't use those actions often, and the wiki didn't have that info either. Thanks!
  12. Gone! Edited to remove the code. Enjoy, whoever got it!
  13. When you use earthquake or bite an egg and it dies, what message do you get on the egg's page? Is it "This egg has died" or "This egg has been killed"? I was looking through my Halloweens' progeny and found a dead egg that says it was killed, and I'm wondering if there's any way to know that if you're not the scroll owner. I guess it's not my business since it's not my egg but I'm curious.
  14. Was really hoping to wake up to some gendered hatchlings this morning, but no. I have a batch of stubborn little monsters this time They came from the low-time egg wall, so I won't know if I want to keep them till they gender. I'm out of precogs and nearly scroll-locked. The clear message here is that I need a whole lot more aeons than I currently possess.
  15. Wrong-gender precog hatchlings! If it's been precog'ed someone ought to benefit, even if it's not me! arcana, will be female pumpkin, will be female marrow, will be male Edit: Kohraki is gone, the others are going to the AP in 10 minutes if no one takes them.
  16. 2g marrow hatchling from sawtooth. Wrong gender to continue the checker. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  17. I took the caligenes, thank you! One of those lines was on my wishlist if it genders right.
  18. Wrong-gendered desipis hatchling Was hoping for a male so I could continue the checker, but it's female.
  19. These are beautiful, the lore is excellent, but they don't feel like Halloweens to me. I'd have loved them as a regular release but I guess I like something a little more overtly holiday-like with my holidays. I felt the same way about pitfires before the exalted ones were revealed. Maybe they'll grow on me though. That happens sometimes.
  20. Got some more wrong-precog hatchies! witch x obidar, will be male omen x lacula, will be female lurker x hydrophidius, will be female shadow x amarignis, will be female Will be sending them to the AP in 10 min if not claimed because they're locking me. Enjoy the omen, Docthings! Others have been sent to AP
  21. Doing some test breeding with new Halloween pairs and I accidentally bred one of them to the wrong mate. In my defense, they're both new pairs and right next to each other in my spreadsheet. Now I've got to wait a week to test both dragons with their actual intended mates.
  22. Got a couple of hatchlings that precog'ed male when I wanted females. pitfire from exalted x pyropellis arcana from pyropellis
  23. God that's the worst lag I've seen in a long time. Gonna sit this one out and come back to hunt eggs in the morning. Hopefully it'll be easier then.
  24. I miscalculated the hatching/growing times of some of my Halloween eggs and now I won't be able to grab a full set of 8 new ones when they drop. I'm not willing to abandon or freeze anything I have, and now I'm weighing the options between leaving my scroll as open as I can (meaning I'd get six new eggs) or saying what the heck and grabbing some more stuff from the AP (meaning I'd only get four new eggs). I mean, since I've already messed up anyway...