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  1. *smiles* That's alright, I've been really inactive too. but nice to meet you Spotted. ^^ Are you a warriors cats fan? EDIT: Also obviously I like being called Steph Could prolly call me whatever as long as I know your referencing me. ^^
  2. I can't believe I can't remember any of my favorite breeds egg descriptions...
  3. Hey Any one here who remembers me maybe? It's been a long.. long time so its cool if not. Hello to anybody who stops by ^^ *leaves late night snacks*
  4. I am so excited for these games x) I can't wait for them to come out, the last couple months I've been itching to replay the hoenn region and I think replaying it in a remake will be awesome. Plus you know, I kinda don't have the systems anymore to play GBA games so this is my only option for hoenn ^^'
  5. Not a big fan of this, if its a april fools prank. This one sucks, as I actually want something like this badly, the others I was at least able to laugh at/enjoy.
  6. Somehow between all of my database error messages I was able to catch two of the very purdy christmas eggs O.o I might give the site a rest while it tries to rebound from all the people now lol
  7. Merry christmas! and happy holidays DC!
  8. Hello yes you can request, just make sure to use the form I have on the first post.
  9. Hopefully you will say the same for the completed image! Which I finished! It's a little big right now :3 But I plan on resizing it so it can be the perfect siggy size. Let me know what you think about it and everything. (It only takes me like 5 seconds to resize so less your online when I post it, I'll probably have the siggy size posted already for ya ninetails)
  10. Update times x3 I wasn't quit able to get to work on ninetails request like I wanted too yesterday, but I was able to this morning :3 I have a sketch all sketched out. If I keep working on it, I could have it finished today. I'm just a little unsure on if I should keep working or let the requestee see the sketch before moving on. So *indecisive* I think I'll post the sketch but at the same time keep working on it x) Yeps, I took advantage of the ability of being able to put a couple of pirate stuffs on it. I looked up pirate outfits and decided, a hook hand and a bandana were definitely needed along with the sword and eye patch. So, ninetails let me know, :3 If anything isn't to your liking otherwise I'm getting back to work on this.
  11. Sounds good ninetails :3 I'll get to work on a sketch tomorrow after everything I have to do and 4 turp hatchlings sounds awesome! X) be my first tone doing a pirate dragon, I'm going to have fun with this.
  12. Woot! Awesome :3 I'm in need of requests, Life is stressful and the thing I need right now is a way to get away, without making all this sappy artwork I've been stuck doing To everyone else who might read this: I know my first post is outdated, but I only have one request at the moment, the one I just posted a sketch up for. and for the holiday season, I'm not putting a limit on my requests, because I know in about a week or two, I'm going to have so much free time I'm not going to know what to do with myself .
  13. I worked on your request :3 Kinda quickly lol but I realized, I'm not sure on a couple things. Such as if what I drew is what your wanting? and yeps, Made a couple notes on the sketch for you to help me with too. Its big but should look good when I re-size for a avatar :3
  14. I have a lot of favorite music from video games x) But I got to say as of recently I've been enjoying the music of the legend of zelda a link between worlds, It sounds pretty awesome on certain parts.
  15. Bump ^^; Might just convert this thread into a place to post art I make~
  16. I'll gladly take one or two of those eevee's from ya :3
  17. Le bump. As far as I know, I have no requests. ^^ so~ Made this recently X) I do requests for FR currency and trades as well.
  18. Serebii the website says that on route 13 is a electric rock you go to and level it up around there to evolve magneton ^^
  19. I've been contemplating restarting my pokemon Y. I just really loved the game and want to experience it all over again but I've gotten attached to the pokemon I have so it's hard since I have no way to transfer them to another game ^^; and transfer back. Also heard about the hidden pokemon that people are saying will be event legendaries x3 I can't wait to see what they look like and if they are real, I've read a lot that makes it sound real but I've read just as much that makes me doubt that they exist.
  20. I finished my request ^^ It's not the best I've done but I hope you like it.. I might redo it if need be.
  21. Your welcome <3 Glad you enjoy them. And yes I do still accept 2nd gen hatchies. But if you want you don't have to give anything since you had to wait a bit for it (or if you do want to still, I'll take it as an eggy to make it easier on ya) ^^ Either way, I'm happy lol
  22. Then Ta-Dah! The avatar should be automatically resized to 100 by 100 pixels when you use it :3 Thats why I used 200 by 200. and Let me know if the signature needs to be resized little more as well.
  23. Yes it is definitely possibly Since I'm a bum, My preference would be to turn the top into a avatar and the bottom one into a signature. Does that sound good? ^^