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  1. So what's happening? Is tobias dead? Alive?
  2. The talk of celebration serenaded the morning air, the towns people all going about their morning routine with an extra bounce in their step and a cheerful expression etched across their faces. Several of the vendors that often sold their goods near the market square had already began to prepare for the days work ahead of them, many of them hoping that the gathering of Shurtugular would draw with them a bigger crowd of potential customers. The nearest vendor to were the boy sat had several large wooden sculptures placed to the side of his stall, each depicting a dragon and a rider in a multitude of poses. Azael could tell that a lot of hard work had been put into each and every one of the sculptures before him, the level of intricacy and attention to detail speaking volumes of the effort the aging woodsmith must have put into them, had some magic been imbued into these elaborate works of art then perhaps the sculptures would have come to life on the spot. Further down, a group of women had began to arrange a beautiful display of flowers, their attempts aided by a young boy and his younger sister; both of which bared a resemblence to the oldest lady at the stall. The scene before him drew a small smile across his face, their youthful innocence a sure sign that the world within Vroengard was at peace. The same could not be said about other villages, the shadow of evil still lingering in the darkest of corners. A strong gust of wind from above shook him from idle thoughts, the source of the unwanted burst of air coming from a large sky blue dragon, its appearance hard to distinguish as its scales seemed to melt into the skies above. Dragons where by no means shocking to him, regardless of how easily they dwarfed him regardless of which form he decided to be in. He had seen a fair few dragons in the past and their regality no longer fazed him in the slightest. The villagers however erupted in a chorus of cheers, the youths from before staring skyward in sheer awe at the monstrous creature that flew effortlessly above them. This dragon was soon joined by others as they flew towards the hunting grounds. Azael sighed, the noise now giving him a headache. Hopping off the cobblestone wall on which he sat, he made his way towards a quieter part of town. However finding such a place proved to be far more difficult than he had anticipated. Even in this darkened alley, a young woman stood before a rider and his dragon. Azael stood, hidden behind a building as he glanced around the corner ever so slightly to catch a glimpse. The air here did not feel as light and as peaceful as the towncenter had done. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ratha's call entered both Varro and Rhaegos's thoughts, while her voice was drowned out by the chorus of voices in the hall, her mental call was as sharp as ever, easily slicing its way through their minds. Rhaegos, much to the disappointment of the other dragons on the hunt, turned and headed back towards the dining hall; Varro on the other hand walked silently among the other riders before stopping in front of Ratha, Soon Rhaegos was there as well, his chest heaving ever so slightly as he rushed back. They were joined by both Elan and Faradis, their presence here indicating that they too had been summoned by the head rider as well as suggesting that this summoning was not a congratulatory one. In fact, the presense here felt far heavier then elsewhere in the room; both Varro and Rhaegos gulped. "A shade.." muttered Varro, alarmed. "A creature born from darkness.." added Rhaegos. Both Rider and dragon stood before Ratha, their attention focused solely on what was being said, as she outlined the mission before them. They were to join the vastly more experienced rider Elan and her partner Faradis; her size far bigger then Rhaegos's and scout out Gil'ead "We will not fail, Ratha-Elda, Aatris-Elda" they both spoke, as they bowed before the head rider and dragon. As they left towards the Vault of souls, Varro turned towards Elan and Faradis and bowed once again. "It is an honor" he spoke.
  3. WERECAT character idea for Eragon RP. Username: Totallydrow Character Name: Azael Furpaw Species: Werecat Age: 8-12 human appearance. True age, 243 years. Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Personality: While Azael does not mind settling down in a new place, he only ever does it for a short term basis and will often leave to find pastures new on a whim. He does not mind solitude, but will often seek refuge with someone that stands out from the crowd. Whether it be for a particular skill, a personality quirk or just because they are entertaining to be around. He is quick to anger when disturbed and is not afraid to show it. However he does keep certain control of emotions, being able to maintain his present form and react in a manner befitting the form he finds himself in. Meaning he will not reveal his shape shifting ability in a fit of rage. While he does not like to admit it, he has a certain magpie trait. He enjoys collecting objects, particularly those that exhibit a particular shine that seems to catch his eye. He cherishes each item and will be disheartened should they be lost or damaged in either way. Curious by nature, his curiosity as well as his magpie habit have on several occasions led him astray and sometimes into trouble, yet despite this he shows no intention of fixing either of the 'problems'. Appearance: Human - Azael in his humanoid form is the size of a small child; roughly 3ft 8 in height. His frame is deceivingly frail in appearance, however his agility and stamina are far superior to that of a normal human, likewise his nails are far more pointed. He has long shaggy black hair that extends all the way down to the bottom of his shoulder blades at the back and extends pass his eyes at the front. With green irises, his face is youthful in appearance showing no sign of his true age, in addition one of his canine teeth always tends to stick out. His skin tone is light brown, bearing a small resemblance to the tribal nomads that manage to survive in the Hadarac desert. He bears a certain resemblance to the werecat renowned as the 'Ruler of the Night Reaches', Clothing wise, he is normally seen wearing straw sandals if not barefoot, shorts and a vest that has several holes from wear and tear. He wears a portion of a former knights helmet on his head, a prized possession inscribed with a rune of protection. To keep it fastened around his head, he has attached it to a ragged bandana that he wears underneath. His Cat form Your standard everyday cat in appearance. His fur is a mixture of light brown slowly descending into a darker hue and eventually black. Background: A life full of adventure, Azael has witnessed the beauty of the elven city of Illrea (Uru'bean in books due to galbatorix rule), the magesty of the Boer Mountains, the never ending expanse of the Hadarac desert though he chose not to remain there too long and even found himself 'trapped' on a merchant ship making trade between Feinster and Teirm; the result of being a tad too curious about the shiny goods being transported. The Hadarac desert aside, he has spent many years in each of the places he has visited, taking in their unique cultures as well as meeting people of note. In Illrea, he befriended an elven lady, she was particularly skilled at playing the harp and had a singing voice like no other. It soon became a frequent sight, seeing her with a black cat nestled upon her lap as she played her instruments. In Teirm, whilst recovering from an intense bout of sea sickness at the local tavern, he met an old man. The two soon became closely acquainted, Azael often listening to his stories of grandeur as well as past endeavors; whilst in his human form. It was soon revealed that the man he had befriended was in fact a travelling wizard, studying and honing his ability to manipulate magic through his travels. Azael soon revealed his werecat bloodline to the wizard; joining him on his adventure. It was during this time, he received his second most prized possession, a helmet piece that they had found during their journey, its appearance catching Azael eye. Inscribed within it is a rune of protection, a gift from the Wizard before the pair parted ways. Years after that, he found himself in Dalgon, one of the dwarves cities hidden among the Boer Mountains. His time spent here was one of great joy and amusement. The dwarves small figures amused the werecat, the way some of them seemed to hobble from side to side as they ran caused a great many fits of laughter. He spent his time here in the company of a Dwarf called Kiefna, a blacksmith capable of forging many weapons. His specialty however seemed to be daggers. One in particular had caught Azael's eye and when the time proved right, he swiped it. Disappearing through the dwarves tunnels with the regal blade. He currently finds himself situated on the island of Vroengard, an island full of magic, mystery and dragons. His instincts have lead him here, the notion that some big event capable of affecting Alagaesia was about to take place and that Riders and Dragon would be integral to the final outcome. Weapon: He possesses an ornate dagger with its own sheath. "Borrowed" from the dwarf Kiefna of Dalgon.
  4. ((No problem)) Rhaegos stood there, his chest held out before him and his head inclined upwards ever so slightly as the ceremony proceedings began. He was truly a majestic creature at that moment; a dragon worthy of awe; despite his smaller stature around present company. Varro on the other hand was rather reserved, showing very little emotion throughout the ceremony. It was a rare moment for him; a moment in which he stood before a large group of people, not as an object to be admired and not touched, but as someone that held worth in the world. Still, the lack of experience in this regard was evident in his inability to conjure up the right expression to go with the occassion. He was indeed excited about the occassion, yet if you were to judge by the blank expression on his face, you would have thought otherwise. "Come now, smile.." urged Rhaegos, ".. this is our moment.. stop standing there like a statue and show a bit of emotion.." he continued, the quiver of excitement in his voice all too obvious. As Ratha finished, an elf approached from a side-room on the right, she carried with her a presence like no other, the fabled Rhunon that many riders held in high regard, her hardship and skillmanship in the art of blacksmithing giving birth to many famous swords. Both Varro and Rhaegos gulped as she approached, her hands clasped around her latest masterpiece. "I will.." replied Varro, his voice low so that only those in present company could hear. Just by touching it, he could already feel that this sword was solely meant for him and that no other sword in existence would suit him more then this would. He was at a lost for words. "A name... what should I call it?" thought Varro, his thoughts entering Rhaegos's conciousness, "This is something you must decide for yourself.." replied the dragon, "My species is not well known for their ability to give names... had the decision be mine, I would call it Fangbiter... or perhaps SkinSplitter.." the dragon continued to drum up several more names before returning to a serious tone. "... alas, the decision is yours and yours alone... think well before you make the final decision." Varro studied the sword for several more minutes, grasping its hilt slowly and marvelling at how perfect it felt against his palm. Upon unsheathing the sword, the words of the ancient language rang through his mind, the meaning behind them drawing a small smile from the boy. It was perfect. "I name it Vindr Reona" he spoke, drawing a nod of approval from Rhaegos. In common tongue, that would have translated to Wind Reaper. Varro blushed ever so slighty as he was kissed upon the brow, his sudden show of emotion illicitating a slight chuckle from Rhaegos, he would have to tease his rider about it at a later date. When Aatris approached, both Rider and Dragon could only gawk at the regality the old wise dragon carried with him. Truely a speciman worthy of the title Dragon. The soft exhale from his nostril's as he exhaled washed over the pair, a warm embracing presence carried along within it. As Ratha returned to the throne, a chorus of roars and hums echoled through the large hall, their cheer's reverberating against the walls seemingly increasing the volume even more. Soon the food was revealed and the festivities began. Varro bowed before Ratha as well as the council members before taking the steps down into the main area. Several of the riders placed their hands on Varro, ruffling his hair, patting his back; all of them congratulating him as he joined their ranks. Truthfully, the whole event was quickly becoming overwhelming for the boy. Whilst large crowds and festivities were of the norm for him, his usual role was to be the 'exquisite object' to be admired, rather then to be the focal point of the event itself. Taking a deep breath, he thanked the riders for their congratulatory comments before using his small lithe figure to meander his way into a more open area. Rhaegos on the other hand had left to join several other dragons who were preparing to hunt for game.
  5. Shiny, Do the arms have to be from a creature within the territory, or can i make it anything as long as its not human. I'm thinking large crab claws. As well as potentially adding a second ability in the form of energy antlers. o3o
  6. The pair walked down the corridor, Varro's hand clasped to the side of Rhaegos as they made their way to the large hall where the others; both new and old riders had been gathering since dawn broke. "Nervous?" questioned Rhaegos, glancing down at his rider, their shared link exposing Varro's inner feelings. "A little..." replied Varro, the hand that was clasped around Rhaegos now finding its way across his own chest as he felt his increasing heartbeat. He took a deep breath, exhaling heavily as he lowered the hand and made eye contact with Rhaegos, ".. but I am also excited" he finished, smiling at his partner. An orb filtered through the large wall, stopping before the Rider and his dragon, seemingly floating infront of them effortlessly as the pair came to a stop. Before either could question its sudden appearance before them, a mental voice spoke; summoning them to where they were already headed. "We must make haste" urged Rhaegos, lowering his body so that Varro could climb upon him; Varro accepting the offer and soon finding himself upon the back of Rhaegos. Seeing the world from atop Rhaegos's back had been an experience. His short stature normally meant that he had to raise his head upwards when speaking to another, however from Rhaegos's back, he was always looking down. "Let's go.." spoke Varro, as he made himself comfortable. It was awhile before they found themselves at the entrance to the large hall, both rider and dragon taking a long deep breath as they stood at the precipice of their futures as Fledged Riger and Dragon. Already several other riders were there, The elven rider Tanthanion and his partner the dragoness Zencoria, The Dwarven Rider; 'Reignon' and his Dragon partner Ninarth, The human rider Elan and her partner the dragoness Faradis and of course the head rider, the one that stood higher then the rest. Ratha and her partner Aatris. "We are here to answer the summoning" spoke Varro, addressing those that had already gathered. He lowered his gaze subserviently.
  7. AEGIS Aegis nodded, noting her sigh. He did not wish to inform his Alpha of unfortunate news, yet it was required of him. Now, more then ever the pack needed all of its leader's, the integral structure that held their motley group together. Aegis half turned, his intention to return to helping the others retrieve the injured as well as to gather any additional info he could from the scouts he had from the wolves he had sent earlier. His objective however was halted as the sound of an argument reached his ears. His instinct were to intervene, however Pierce had beaten him to it; his Alpha barging past as she neared the quarreling wolves. Uriel and Symaro had exchanged harsh words with one another and for his part, Aegis could understand where both parties where coming from. He too had his own frustrations in regards to the matter, however he sought to keep them to himself; at least for now. "With your command, I will round up our best trackers and formulate a search party... " began Aegis, closely approaching the spot where the argument had taken place. "If our Beta, Tobias can not be located within the camp, then perhaps our luck will fair better outside" he finished, lowering his gaze while in the presence of authority. He did not mean to step out of line, but with the situation in its present state, he felt that he had no choice but to offer his services and suggest a course of action. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FENRIR Fenrir stirred, the herbal aroma that the delta assigned to look after him was beginning to take its effect on the young fatiged hunter. "Slowly... don't push yourself" spoke the Delta, as she hurried to Fenrir's side. Bringing with her a medicial root. "What... where am I?" began Fenrir, slowly opening his eyes and looking around, the blurred vision of many wolves rushing about causing him great confusion. "Shh, there's no need to think about that now... chew on this, the sap from the root will help replenish your energy. Recovering should be your only concern right now", the young delta placed the root by his side, "..once you've recovered, then you can worry about what is and isn't going on" as she finished, the howl of a wolf in pain caught her attention as she rushed towards the source.
  8. Scrapping the Grendel character idea in favor of a cursed wolf. Currently, my idea is based on the nemean lion. Impervious Skin, Enhanced Natural weaponry and Larger size. Username: TotallyDrow Name: Crixus Age: Three years three months Gender: Male Power: Energy Construct Abilities: 1. Energy Arms - Crixus has the ability to create two large muscular arms of energy (roughly the size of the hulk's... closest comparison to mind) that seemingly extend from where his shoulder blades would be. Fully outstretched each arm is about the length of his body and the girth of his waist. They come complete with opposable thumbs and can be used to carry large weights as well as deal large physical blows. Alternatively they can also be used as a shield, using their girth to block oncoming attacks or to simply scratch that itch you just cant reach. Drawback: The arm is set to 1 size, meaning he can't alter its size or length, so its size makes it harder to grasp smaller objects and his reach is predictable. The arms will not last forever and will begin to disintegrate upon taking substantial damage and when fully 'destroyed', will require time for Crixus to replenish the energy reserve required to 're-build' them. Appearance: Crixus A large shaggy wolf, covered in predominantly black fur with patches of white towards his underside. He is a fairly muscular wolf, being above average in both physical weight and strength. Personality: Crixus does not share the same desire that his ancestor's did. In fact, he has very little interest in the crystal itself. He accepts the fact that his ancestors actions have lead to him having to live a dull and miserable life, stuck in cursed territory however he does not bother to waste time blaming them for this, or trying to accomplish what they could not. His reasons for being antagonistic towards the Hallowed wolves are more personal and are the driving force behind his hatred. He posesses strong aspirations of revenge, blaming the hallowed for the death of Saxa. History: While both wolves are unaware of this, Crixus is actually a long lost relative of the hallowed wolf; Aegis. His ancestor's having aligned with the rebeller as they sought for more power. Crixus, the son of two cursed wolves was born around the same time as another wolf, a young she wolf by the name of Saxa. The pair of them were nigh on inseperable, spending most of their childhood together, honing their hunting skills through play as well as distracting one another from the horrid conditions they found themselves born into. While Crixus grew up accepting his situation, Saxa always had idle thoughts and dreams about life on the other side. She could often be found staring off in the direction of the hallowed territory, her heart yearning to explore those lands beyond; so it came as no surprise to Crixus, when she confessed to him about her desires to leave their home. Deciding to follow her, the two made plans to flee under the guise of going out for a hunt together. With preparations set, they crossed the border, entering hallowed territory, its cleaner air that brought with it the scent of many flowers an intoxicating aroma to both wolves. Their joy however was short lived. A group of hallowed hunters had stumbled across the two cursed wolves cornered by a bear. Noticing them, Crixus and Saxa had begged for their help, the pair of them no match for the bear.However their cries fell upon deaf ears. Call it ill fate, but the hunter that led the party had a vendetta against the cursed pack and saw no reason in risking his own life or that of his comrades for the sake of the enemy. Left for dead by those that they wished to join, Crixus and Saxa fought, but alas their victory came at a cost. Saxa had been thrown, her head hitting a large rock with an audible crack before her body came to a stop near a tree; motionless and lifeless. The sight of this drove Crixus over the edge, his powers manifesting as two large arms that extended from his shoulder blades. Fueled by rage and adrenaline, he killed the bear, Its been a month since he returned to the cursed pack with Saxa's lifeless body. Having explained the situation to their Alpha, Crixus was demoted to the rank of omega; a light punishment for his treacherous actions. Mate Preference: Not interested after the death of Saxa. Alliance: Cursed Position: Omega
  9. In aegis's older post I had him send a lower ranked gamma warrior called grendel to a place called talons rock to scout the area for danger. He could be the one to notice Tobias head into the fog, report back to aegis who can then inform the pack. I sort of want him as my 3rd character but that would mean all my chars are hallowed. A low ranked gamma scout Powers 1. Scope vision - the ability to alter his vision to magnify objects from a distance as if they were right in front of him. 2. Heat vision. The ability to detect heat sources in darkness. 3. Petrification - if there is prolonged eye contact the target is turned to stone. Just a quick list. Terrible internet connection so struggling g to view other forms to see if these abilities were taken. If they are I will make changes
  10. Aegis would want to be a candidate for the vacancy. o3o
  11. I just want a clear answer from her in regards to what she plans to do with Tobias... rather then leaving it unanswered and leaving the rest of us in the dark.
  12. Sitting on the floor with his back pressed against Rhaegos's chest, Varro stared at the slowly brigthening sky that expanded indefinetily beyond the window of his room; the boy lost in his own thoughts as his dragon partner continued with his slumber. Varro had been informed the day before about the potential of new riders arriving; the news bringing little reaction from him. Rhaegos however at hinted towards excitement in regards to the news. The cold air of the darkened sky did little to faze Varro, the warmth that radiated from within Rhaegos, more then enough to keep him warm. He raised his hand, placing it down on the underside of his partner; the gentle rise and fall of Rhaegos chest, matching his own. Varro gave a faint smile as he sat there, enjoying the company of his partner. .... "Varro..?" came the deep voice of Rhaegos, as he half opened one eye and looked down towards his rider, "... the day is young, get some rest" he continued, releasing a small plume of smoke as he yawned. "I thought I'd catch sight of the new riders" he replied, turning his head towards the open window once again. "Don't be a fool, it is far too early... be wise.. conserve your energy for later in the day; once the sun has risen to its peak... for today we graduate from being the newest of the lot... it is our duty to leave an impression.." he chuckled softly. "Now get some rest" Varro attempted to retort, but failed as a yawn of his own escaped. Resigned to defeat, he edged closer to where Rhaego's head lay. Slumping onto the side of Rhaegos's neck, Varro lowered his head onto his resting arm and slowly closed his eyes; Rhaegos meanwhile shifted his wing to cover his rider until dawn broke. ... The sun shone through the window, its light finding its way onto the pair as they slept. Rhaegos was first to awaken, the stallion sized dragon shifting as he stirred; his wing returning to the side of his body exposing Varro to the world once more. With a yawn, Rhaegos craned his neck over to his side and nudged the sleeping boy, the warm air of his breathing escaping through his nostrils and ruffling Varro's hair. "Wake up" urged the dragon, eliciting a mumbled response from the still half asleep boy. Minutes later, Varro was up on his feet, albeit stumbling from side to side as he made his way to his wardrobe to change. "We must go. The other riders will already be making their way to greet the new ones" spoke Rhaegos, nudging his rider through the door as he struggled to put on his shirt.
  13. Thanks. Fixed. I've noticed her posting on her RP... :/
  14. ((Oh god... such a poor post x.x)) Aegis stood among two wolves, all of whom had returned to inform Aegis of the progress within the camp. The wolf who had returned from where the delta's treated the wounded had updated him on their progress; reporting zero casualties but many wounded as well as Symaro's return. The fact that there were no casualties from today's incident brought a deep sigh of relief from Aegis. This moment of relief however did not last as the second wolf interjected... his news bringing a deep look of concern. Tobias was still nowhere to be seen. "Both of you..." he paused, reaffirming with himself that this was the right course of action. "... I want you to find out from the other wolves where they last saw Tobias today and then focus your efforts there... it is of utmost importance that we locate our Beta" As they left, Aegis was approached by a fellow gamma; Uriel. His presence back at camp lifting a large weight of Aegis shoulders. "I'm afraid I do not have the full details" replied Aegis, relief in his voice as he noted Uriels return as well as two other wolves from the patrol, that was three more names off the 'unaccounted for' list. "From what I have been told, Alpha Pierce led a hunting party during the early break of dawn..." Aegis paused and took a breath. "After the earthquake, Symaro along with the oracle Ylva led some delta's out in search from them. However I have just been informed of Symaro's return not to long ago, he should be where the delta's have gathered to treat the wounded". Aegis stopped and surveyed the chaos in front of them, "There is still no sign or word regarding our Beta Tobias, I fear for the..." he was interrupted as a commotion began to take place near the entrance. Several gamma's rushed forward and soon small shouts of joy and relief could be heard as they welcomed back their Alpha Pierce. "Thank the heavens..." muttered Aegis,the relief sweeping over him. He glanced at Uriel, "I must inform her about Tobias..." He took his leave and headed towards their Alpha, unsure as to how he should inform her. He still held out hope that one of the wolves he had sent out earlier had brought news about his whereabouts... but alas, that did not happen and soon he was standing before her. "My Alpha.." he paused, taking a submissive stance and averting his gaze. "We have not been able to locate our Beta; Tobias..."
  15. Im still here Avialae. Just a bit swamped at the moment. I've already got half of my response post written and saved,Just gotta do the other half.
  16. Done. Deleted my post between character sheets.
  17. I asked Mage on Chatzy if I could post the new form onto the thread.
  18. I have decided to completely redo the personality and history (+name) of my character. After researching domestic abuse, I came to the conclusion that I won't be able to portray a character in the light in a proper and respectful manner. I do not wish to offend anyone and thank everyone for the help and crit provided. Here is the new WIP. Username: TotallyDrow Name: Jonah Mir Age: 15 Gender: Male Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Heterosexual Appearance: [X] Standing at around 5ft 6 in height, Jonah has a lean build, largely thanks to his football training as well as his afternoons spent swimming with the school swim team. He has rather tanned skin, spending a good portion of his time outside of the house doing sports or simply avoiding his eventual return home. On the underside of his hand just below his wrist is a large birthmark. He has shaggy dirty blonde hair and bright aqua colored eyes, underneath his left eye is a small scar; from an accident he had when learning how to ride his bicycle at a young age. His face is well rounded and underneath his chin are short strands of blonde bristle. His attire mainly consist of button down hooded T shirts of bright colors over an undershirt. Depending on how how it is outside, he will either wear the hooded top with its buttons undone, or have the buttoned to the top. He sports an elastic bang around his left wrist of black color with the emblem of the football team he supports. It is not uncommon to see him wearing a beanie hat with or without a visor along the peak of the cap, these are normally dark colors i.e. Navy, Black, dark grey, burgundy. Cargo pants are his preference, but will also wear denim jeans accompanied by the 'in fashion' pair of trainers, such as the Nike huaraches. He also prefers sling bags as opposed to double strapped backpacks. His branch is fixed into a metallic link and chain that he wears around his neck. Personality: Jonah tends to play the facade that everything is okay, putting on a happy and friendly appearance when he is at school. He likes to play the fool, make jokes, be the butt of jokes and even tease the girl he fancies. Jonah is someone who you can trust, to an extent. While he is the type who would keep your secret to the grave and have your back in a life or death situation, he is also the type who would sell you out for a quick joke and a few laughs. Gregarious by nature, a trait he most likely inherited from his parents, Jonah relishes being in a high-spirited social gathering. By no means a risk taker, Jonah will patiently wait and try to assess a situation beforehand before deciding; whether he makes the right decision however is still up to chance. Time spent on computer games have given him an air of arrogance in competitive situations, confident that he is the better 'player', even when it clearly isn't the case. This arrogance and confidence he exudes in his online games have also shown themselves to a lesser degree in his football matches. He doesn't find it too difficult to make new friends, however he isn't going to over exert himself to befriend someone whose personality clashes with his. If overtime, those clashing personalities do relent and they can come to an understanding, he is more then willing to let bygones be bygones. He would prefer to have more friends than enemies thus he tries his best at finding a common ground between himself and another and use that as a foundation to grow the relationship. Should a falling out occur and Jonah strongly feels that he is in the right, he can hold a grudge for several days and give the cold shoulder but will usually crumble afterwards and apologize for being an idiot. The fact that he has to wear a 'mask' and play the facade also means that he is the type who keeps his negative feelings bottled up. Not really one to talk to others about his problems, he lets the negative emotions fester and swell within himself, thus he will sometimes explode and be overly angry about the smallest of matters. During these situations of frustration and stress, he tends to seclude himself from the outside world, choosing to drown himself in loud music so as to ignore everyone else, or simply isolating himself from others. His father's antics have also left Jonah with the lasting feeling of not wanting to have his own children, feeling that he would not make a good father having had such a poor role model himself as well as making him worry about ending up the same way as him, i.e. abandoning his child in the future. He finds the phrase, "Like Father, Like Son" to be a haunting omen. History: Born and raised by your typical middle class family, Jonah never had too much to complain about, there was always going to be a warm place to go home to and food in the fridge. His parents were the type who loved to entertain, throwing parties when possible to the point that even the local police became frequent visitor's; something about the noise. Of course Jonah was still a lad and rarely made it past midnight before succumbing to the temptations of sweet slumber. Living in Asia due to his father's work, Jonah first attended a local school full of the countries local citizens. At first everything seemed to be fine, Jonah had no qualms being surrounded by the locals and even enjoyed it, however his mother thought otherwise. She did not appreciate her son picking up the local slang and had even vented at his father because of this. His mothers stance immovable and his father relenting, Jonah was transferred to a private school that operated under the British curriculum where he became a member of the schools swim team as well as football team. It was during the end of his third year that things took a turn for the worse. Whilst on summer holiday; spent in America with his mother, his father had had an affair. Caught out by the maid that lived with them, she had informed Jonah's mother about her findings which in turn led to the vacation being ended abruptly. A custody battle had taken place several months later, both parents fighting for sole custody of Jonah; the proceedings of which spanned for three to four months until finally his mother eventually won largely thanks to Jonah's desire to stay with her. For the year after, his father attempted to stay in touch, often coming on the weekends to pick Jonah up and take him to the Sunday juniors football league he was apart of; his father being the coach at the time. However this only lasted the one year before their relationship grew distant. His father started to miss the games more often, citing that work needed him oversea's until finally getting to the point where he simply never turned up. Aged 13, his mother died and Jonah was sent to his father's house. By now, his father had remarried and had twins; a boy and a girl. His father and his new wife welcomed him with open arms, Jonah never felt like he belonged. The two years he spent with them did nothing to help, he unlike most kids looked forward to school where he could distract himself with school work as well as blissfully 'pretend' that his life was perfect when among his friends and hated the final bell which serenaded the beginning of his hellish reintroduction into reality. At home, he secluded himself from his father, his step mother and his siblings, choosing to eat in his room rather than at the dining table. His room was his home, the rest of the house just a dull decor that he could not get rid off. It was only when he became aware of Heaven's gate that he showed signs of returning to his old self. It was a means of escape, a way to free himself from the confines of a household he felt alien from and had no desire to be apart of. He looks forward to the day when he can live apart from the father and step mother he hates. Element: Water Branch Color: Cerulean Weapon: A large trident A 2 meter long spear with a three-pronged blade at the end, its longest point reaching a length of 14 cm with the outer two reaching 8cm. It is sturdy and durable yet relatively lightweight allowing for a series of complex maneauvers. On the opposite end is a large circular ornament of considerable weight that operates as a small-scale bludgeoning weapon. It is attached to a 2 meter long chain, hidden within the shaft of the trident and can be launched outwards to surprise the opponent. Armor: His armor consist's of a long blue robe that splits up into five individual portions from the waist down, emblazoned along each of these are arrow like markings of sky blue coloration that shimmer in the light. He has metal plating covering his shins, shoulders, left side of the waist as well as a black breastplate.. He wears black cargo jeans around his legs. Lastly, along his rib area is a pendant that holds the robe together and it incorporates a replica gem matching his branch color. Ignore the eye patch. Other: - credits for the character image belongs to the artist "SNEEDHAM507" as for the weapon, credits belong to its original artist whom I was unable to find. I take no credit for any images used.
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