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Currently trade: 4th gen Silver Shimmer

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    I always reply to all PMs!
    IOU friendly


    IOU: ///
    TOM: 2nd gen Gold from Male Moonstone from Pokemonfan13
    *CB Gold
    *2nd gen Holly
    *2nd gen Tinsel
    *2nd gen Shimmer-scale
    *2nd gen Gold from Female Holly
    *2nd gen Gold from Alt Sweetling
    -2nd gen Gold from Mint
    -2nd gen Gold from Male Balloon
    -2nd gen Gold from Female Ice
    -2nd gen Silver from Male Red Dorsal
    -2nd gen Gold from Male Green Copper
    -2nd gen Gold from Nebula (Blue, Green or Red)
    -2nd gen Silver from Male Spring
    -2nd gen Gold from Male Moonstone
    -4th gen or less stairstep Prize Dragons
    -4th gen or less stairstep Gold TinselxRoyal Blue
    -4th gen or less stairstep Gold TinselxMale Moonstone
    -3th or less perfect stairstep metallic (not with Female Marrow, Sweetling, Valentine, Holly and Yulebuck)
    2nd gen Blue Nebula from Male Moonstone
    2nd gen Alt Undine from Gold
    2nd gen dragons from Alt Sweeling
    Perfect checked Even-gens

    Legend: *Important, -Medium, always accepted


    Scroll Goals (for freezing, any lineage):
    *All I need to complete my scroll*
    Risensong (Male, Female and Ungender)
    Dusk Pygmy Ungender
    Pink Zyumorph Ungender
    Soulstone (Female and Ungender)
    Witchlight Ungender
    Snow (Ungender and Male)
    ND Ungender