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    I always reply to all PMs!
    IOU friendly


    IOU: None
    2nd gen Gold from Male Moonstone from Pokemonfan13
    2nd gen Gold from Mint/Male Balloon/Female Ice/Male Green Copper/Blue, Green or Red Nebula from lilysally

    *CB Gold
    *2nd gen Tinsel
    *2nd gen Shimmer-scale
    *2nd gen Gold from Female Holly
    -2nd gen Gold from Mint
    -2nd gen Gold from Male Balloon
    -2nd gen Gold from Male Green Copper
    -2nd gen Gold from Nebula (Blue, Green or Red)
    -2nd gen Silver from Male Spring
    -2nd gen Gold from Male Moonstone
    -4th gen or less stairstep Prize Dragons
    -4th gen or less stairstep Gold TinselxRoyal Blue
    -4th gen or less stairstep Gold TinselxMale Moonstone
    -3th or less perfect stairstep metallics
    2nd gen Blue Nebula from Male Moonstone
    2nd gen Alt Undine from Gold
    2nd gen dragons from Alt Sweeling
    Perfect checked Even-gens

    Legend: *Important, -Medium, always accepted


    Scroll Goals (for freezing, any lineage):
    *All I need to complete my scroll*
    Risensong Female
    Carina (Female and Ungender)
    Purple Floret (Male and Ungender)
    Gold Floret (Male and Ungender)
    Bauta Ungender
    Green Spinel (Male and Ungender)
    Soulstone (Female and Ungender)
    Floral-Crowned (Male and Ungender)
    Garland (Female and Ungender)
    Omen (Male, Female and Ungender)
    ND Ungender