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  1. I took the one with Arcana, thanks
  2. I took it, thank you
  3. I took the Silver Shimmer x Celestial, thanks
  4. I took the Silver Shimmer, thanks
  5. I took the Avatar, thank you
  6. I took it, thank you I took the one with Lunar, thanks ^^
  7. I took the Pyro, thanks :)
  8. I took the first one, thanks
  9. I took the Terrae, thank you
  10. I took the Mutamore, thanks I took it, thanks
  11. I took the second one, thank you
  12. I took it will be the best lineage I've catch this Halloween xD
  13. I took the 3th gen Chrono, thanks
  14. I have one Thuwed left, I sent you a PM
  15. Have: 2nd gen Wrapping-Wing Thuwed Want: 2nd gen different Thuwed 2nd gen Holiday from Christmas SA PB 2nd gen Prize (same prize: Gold TinselxGold Tinsel ecc.) Teleport
  16. It resolved spontaneously, thanks anyway for the reply