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  1. I love love love so many of the new sprites. In other news I am back after a 6 year absence. I got 2 degrees and a grown up job and met my husband. Anyway I'm catching up on all my missing dragons and I was MOST in love with black truffles and have been on the hunt for about two weeks. This morning I found a CB one on the AP. Sweet baby. 🥰
  2. I'm back too after 4 years!! I am so, so, so behind.
  3. little vine baby, I am out of freezes and it has a cute even gen lineage so I would feel guilty. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! enjoy!!
  4. this is fine. might as well keep it I guess. it will probably never happen again!?
  5. I have 12 gemshards. 11 of them are female. the newest egg is definitely influenced. I like to let genders and colors happen naturally up to a certain point...at least now I can just influence every single egg until the colors turn up. still
  6. Now that my baby is grown up, I can say it without worrying. During the Christmas event I caught a 2G Holly bred by TJ. It was the best thing that's ever happened to me on this site.
  7. I have seen the eggs in the wild, but have yet to have the cave up long enough to learn what they look like. I am sure they are beautiful though!
  8. I just don't see the point of using my time to move the same unwanted eggs from the cave to the AP. I really don't know what can be done about the ratios and the blocking, but I'm happy with my eggs from the release.
  9. Thank you! I have to get up early in the morning and move into college for my freshman year...so this was a problem for me.
  10. A few weeks ago I caught this in the AP: trihorn Now I caught her younger sibling: trihorn's little sibling I guess I can't breed them together. But how did this happen???
  11. Caught a CB Blusang This was the only thing I needed for a shimmer. Unfortunately, my CB green opal pair refused and I had traded away all of my others. GAH.
  12. I turned an egg neglected. It immediately died...but still I'm pretty happy about it.
  13. 2 of each in half an hour. I'm a veteran. And these eggs are BEAUTIFUL<3
  14. I just caught a tri-horn, red copper, silver shimmerscale, bronze tinsel, a gold, and a CB black tea in the AP.
  15. I have 21 hatchlings, and I didn't even try to do it. Yay me!
  16. Well, I left for almost two years and missed all of the events.
  17. I am very much looking forward to this, especially the new limits. I may actually trade now that there's teleport. I imagine it will make trading WAY easier.
  18. I evidently missed the day when the golden things were given out - I only missed five and probably would only have used 1 or 2 but it still BUGS me! I have no clue how I missed it! I haven't really missed anything, except I got to the Easter egg hunt late and only got 30. I have no clue how I'm going to decorate, I've been moving the ornaments around...none of them are actually on the tree right now, they are just lined up by type and color and I keep moving them around and organizing differently...it is really fun, though.
  19. I already have my two eggs. THANKS TJ!!! I am very curious about them and all of the events. WANT EXCLUSIVE DRAGON. WANT VERY MUCH. a;lsdkfj;alsdkjf;laskdfj
  20. We got about a foot of snow yesterday. The first Madrigal Dinner was cancelled, so we only have one and it's tonight. I can only imagine all of the chaos. I hate being cold, but I like being stuck inside. It's like life is canceled. Snow is pretty.
  21. Will the freezing limit be raised along with the other limits? I'm so excited for this!
  22. I was caught up yesterday, but I haven't done mine today. At least I have a five day weekend to make up for it, and hopefully get far ahead. This is my first time...too bad my story has no plot.
  23. I am in shock. It's like a dream. *pinches self* SO EXCITED! THANK YOU TJ!
  24. Thank you to the people who suggested those tips, and the person who made the tutorial on 54! I have 2 eggs now and will probably get more.
  25. I got a female adult. Both of my attempts at an ungendered hatchie failed. I'll just try again next year. Pretty adult zombies. <3