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missed a few years on the site, but I'm back now and nearly caught up!!!Wishlist: winter from winter X holly for my holly thuwed, Mageia/Gold X Radiant Angel.SCROLL :)

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    Things I can breed: will make a list soon if I think of it. I have CB holidays - Vampire, Yulebuck, Val '09 and the years following.

    Things I like:
    going to be seeking a WINTER to breed with my 2G THUWED HOLLY (winter x holly). would definitely pass on their babies to you or breed anything I can.

    LOVE Radiant Angel X gold or mageia, have quite a collection but want more.
    also like pyrals x most valentines, or other pretty pairs with pyrals
    need CB gaias still (but not other xenos unless they're really pretty)
    I really love thalassa x silver.
    need CB green coppers
    I LOVE EVERY LUNAR HERALD LINEAGE. both LH colorful patterns, or bred with other dragons.
    Also a huge fan of monarchs

    I have basically no low gen prizes because a few years back they were more difficult to come by and have never been my priority. would love to acquire some pretty ones.

    I am picky about color combinations in lineages. If I don't think two colors work it's not very valuable to me.

    don't hesitate to pm if I can help you out in any way. If you are having trouble finding a certain breed, especially from older holidays, I would love to help out