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  1. omg, ice cream. Yum. The mechanics don't know either? that's really weird.
  2. @Fortune86 Still writing as always! On forums and the likes and some (very little) personal writing. I go through phases of not wanting to write as well. Hit or miss. At the moment, not too much! Still (slowly, very slowly) making my way through university, and the likes, but otherwise, just keeping myself going day to day! So for the most part, boring adulting that kept me away from games. Hahaha.
  3. @Fortune86 Yeeees! Hope you're doing well! Tell me, are you still writing? glad to hear that the anti-anxiety medicine is helping Spirit. Jaw clenching can cause so much pain. Also beneficial timezone changes for the 2-4 weeks that it happens are awesome. I know I get to spend more time with my friends across the pond. (They might not be as happy. -pester--pester--pester- x3)
  4. *sets out evening snacks* Oh goodness Lagie, I hope the car troubles resolve quickly! *Gives Fortune a quick hug*
  5. 82! Many, many years ago, Purplehaze. x3 Mind you, there was a time after that where I could still disrupt this thing. Ah the memories. >8)
  6. And here I thought I was being sneaky. I'll be honest, I think I'm most surprised by the fact that my avatar still works. How has everyone been doing?
  7. *Spots a wild Fortune* *gives a random hug* Sending you all my love as I pass through! ❤️
  8. I have. When I was younger. It's a nice little place! Never too deep. -looks at the number and laughs- OH GOSH. Nice try.
  9. @Lagie, Yeah! I've moved to PEI. x3 I could have! That's jumping in a little too deep than I may be ready for though! Edit: Alright. I'll be off now. Have a good day, everyone!
  10. Yeah, I think I was writing this whole RP contest with Walker. And things fell through on both of our sides, unfortunately.
  11. All I know is that my inbox is empty. Though it was possible that it was a mad libs RPing contest?
  12. I... Don't remember it. >.< It's possible! It's been a while. It was a time where I was trying to have a commitment to something and I really couldn't commit, though I kept trying.
  13. -laughs- I finally cranked out 5 of the 13 posts I owe this week. @Lagie - Yup! I can. Though I was never good at descriptions, and I'm not familiar with any of the dragons anymore.
  14. I am, but it's not so bad since I've moved to the island. More breeze! I... I don't know. I haven't logged into the actual dragon cave site for ages! @Fortune -- Awww, that's too bad. Though I'm trying to come out of a slump myself.
  15. I see a second person looming in this thread now as well. This is unacceptable!