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  1. Well... Been a long time since I was here, hello again? owo Not sure if I'm open for art here or not, but I'm not dead so I guess that's cause for celebration?
  2. thanks for the heads up but -facedesks- I'm a night owl man :|
  3. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Aislein
  4. I AM THE EMPRESS OF SNOW BRING IT ON PUNY MORTALS >8D >8D >8D Aislein is my scroll, I look forward to your assault >83
  5. no limits 8O -runs in circles squealing- 8DDD
  6. I want to participate! Forum name: Aislein Scroll name: Aislein Wishlist: 1. 3rd or 4th gen shimmer (non-holiday lines would be lovely but I'll take any :3) 2. CB green opal (evasive little buggers lol) 3. CB duotone or femme influenced hatchie o3o 4. CB harvestsssss can never have too many harvestssss >8D 5. uhhhh...luminas!! I need cb luminas o3o; 6. surprise me?
  7. Thank yooooou TJ and Spriters 8D
  8. awww you're welcome >w< also Happy Halloween!
  9. Livestreaming! :3 had trouble with the stream and had to stop early
  10. *dives on all the eggs* MINE D< Thanks TJ and spriters
  11. finished your request animals4501 hope this looks better then I think >.> @sharlykng thanks :3
  12. Request Accepted :3
  13. finished your request auster26 I hope this is to your liking?
  14. Requests Accepted :3