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pinkicon.gif My scroll is a rainbow of draconic cuteness... with hints of eeeevil zombieicon.gif  I know the risks of IOUs, and accept them anyway. ARK2-1.gif
Currently on semi-hiatus from web games; sorry for any inconvenience!

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    Prancing about with my head full of eyeballs
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    2nd or 3rd gen prize dragons of any pairing
    (to breed for gifting <3)
    CB crimson flare and dark myst hatchlings
    (for my wee army of evil doomy conquest!)
    Paper eggs or hatchlings
    (for the great ungendered zombie attempt)

    All my dragons are currently open to trade offers, especially for something from my wishlist! I accept IOUs in most cases, and am always happy to wait a while for a finicky pairing to decide to throw an egg. :)

    The second-gen tinsel "Second Prize in a Beauty Contest" is not available for trade breeding. Her eggs will only ever be gifted away!