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  1. In a bit of a panic, heehee... HAVE: Female CB Grave hatchling, one hour left NEED: Male CB Grave hatchling HALP? https://dragcave.net/teleport/12b6821e10b0fc8d6273fa5c2ce0b0ba
  2. Thanks so much to everyone who's shared their naming choices so far. Such gorgeous sprites deserve a plethora of fun and creative names!
  3. I'd love to hear what everyone is naming theirs! The possibilities are nigh-endless for puns, astronomical references, and general creativity...
  4. ...hence the April Fool's release date. EDIT after seeing Odeen's post: Heehee! So much for thinking I'd figured out the prank.
  5. Okay, so without reading through nearly seventy pages of posts, can I assume this is what we're looking at? --> --> -->
  6. My guess is that this will be an Illusory Dragon, and like the zombies in that it only shows up on your scroll occasionally, which is to say every April 1.
  7. I am dubious, but intrigued...
  8. Quick question: is the minigame only for a couple more hours, or until the holiday drop stops in two days? Thanks in advance for any info!
  9. Woooo, got my last egg JUST under the wire. Thanks to all the spriters for another year of wonderful basket-fillers!
  10. Not sure I want that red lyrium egg in my basket... seems dangerous...
  11. I actually squeed out loud when I saw the Wreck-It Ralph egg. Loving all the ones I've seen so far this year!
  12. Ooo, silver on the first try. Such a lovely combo! http://dragcave.net/lineage/HwHEU
  13. In keeping with my usual holiday naming theme of "less-celebrated holiday traditions", my soon-to-be-frozen hatchling for this year is Singles Night, and my to-be-adult is now Double Date with Ben and Jerry. EDIT: Would have named one Riesling and a Chick Flick, but I wasn't sure alcohol references were allowed.
  14. Continuing my tradition of naming Christmas dragons after the less-celebrated aspects of the holiday season, heh, I have christened my mistletoe Last Year's Leftover Fruitcake.
  15. Right there with you. My CB yulebuck is named Awkward Mistletoe Moment. Debating whether to move the name to a mistletoe dragon, but the old boy's had that name for so many years now, hmmmm.
  16. Ooooo, new favorite Christmas dragon! Thank you, spriters!
  17. Hey, I'm only pointing Alchemy out because somebody specifically asked where they could play Mana Alchemy after the holiday season was over. Okay, and because DC might have given a wee bit more thought to the name, heh. Yes, there are a zillion Bejeweled clones out there, and that's absolutely fine because you can't copyright a game design mechanic. But if anyone named one of those clones "Mana Bejeweled", there'd be a stabby-stabby, fire-and-brimstone, epically regrettable, lawyer-infested dungstorm, because PopCap/EA has the trademark on the name as related to the game design mechanic, and they're not shy about protecting it. At the moment, Mana Alchemy is indeed flying under the radar, but the use of a trademarked name is worrisome: if anyone from the development house or publisher happens to see it here, they would have grounds for legal action. Moreover, they would feel compelled to pursue it, because of the weird way U.S. trademark law works: thanks to precedent, if a company is aware of a challenge to one of their properties and does not take action, their own claim to the brand is legally weakened. This applies equally to games, movies, book series, and so on. It's why Disney is such a legal arse-auger to anyone who tries to animate a mouse, why Paramount throws a wobbler every few years and clamps down on Star Trek fanfic, and why when Microsoft tried to release a game called Mythica, the sharksuits at Mythic Entertainment delivered a cease-and-desist with extreme prejudice. Just saying.
  18. I've been playing it for years, myself, mostly because I wrote the instructions for the original when we hosted it on MSN Games... http://zone.msn.com/en/root/deluxe.htm?cod...214140&RefID=25 Looks like the browser-based version is gone now, but you can still buy a download version for Windows-based PC. I'd ask whether anyone got permission to make a clone of this game (with the same name, even) for Dragon Cave, but something tells me I already know the answer, and it's not "yes".
  19. Having trouble believing this one! http://dragcave.net/lineage/gZJXt I'm actually working on an identical lineage, and it's completely unrelated to this one. I'll be able to go an extra gen now! *doing the happy-happy-happy dance*
  20. Sounds great! Special thanks for the zombie change.
  21. Awww, the hatchies are cute! Not sure why I'd want to make it angry, but given the description, I'll be sure not to.
  22. 24 carnival items, 43 treats! And I suspect we're still talking about it over here out of habit; after all, the other thread only just opened up a couple of hours ago, but the discussion's been going all day.
  23. And to round out the Halloween fun, I just bred and released a giant stack of 2nd and 3rd generation pumpkins, marrows, shadows, lurkers, and graves. Hoping they get good homes, once the new-release fever has abated, heehee!
  24. Ohhhhhh, no, it's been taken almost since the book came out. It was on one of my other papers. But it seemed more appropriate to move it to a zombie!
  25. Caught the four new releases that I wanted, turned two zombie hatchlings, and I'm only eight treats away from finishing my quota for the year. HAPPY HALLOWEEN, everyone!