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    Trouble adding dragons to groups

    I have a fix ready for this and it will be deployed within the next day or so. I'll update this thread when it happens.
  2. TJ09

    ANSWERED:Glitch: Harvests Gone in General

    That seems to be a case of miscommunication. What I had said is that nothing has been changed about harvest behavior. Which means that no, harvests are not supposed to be unbreedable and/or missing from the cave. The fix for this will be deployed within the next few days.
  3. The site already handles this case, and allows you to swap as long as no one exceeds their various limits. That said, I think the current behavior is a good thing: you're allowed to make an offer, and over the course of time between offering and the trade owner choosing to accept, things can change. The owner can e.g. see a CB event dragon that they like more than their current one, and abandon/trade it away before accepting the new one.
  4. TJ09

    ANSWERED:Breeding is impossible

    @Tokusa can you please confirm whether or not you are still running into this? I am not seeing any recently logged errors, suggesting issues with breeding may have been transient and are better now.
  5. TJ09

    ANSWERED:Scroll only sorts by date

    This thread is for an issue where loading your dragon list would display the dragons in the wrong order, regardless of your account settings. If you are having any other difficulties (including seeing the "an error has occurred" page) please create a separate thread so that it's easier to track the problems separately.
  6. TJ09

    ANSWERED:Scroll only sorts by date

    I believe this issue is fixed. It should have only affected a small subset of people, and should not have impacted any stored scroll order, only forced the dropdown to a specific value.
  7. That is separate from the idea of emojis, though the thread has recently tunneled on the value of emojis in general and lost track from the initial concept. Since, I've stated, it's only really a choice between text turning into emoji or the old emoticon images (the disable option has been removed from the post interface), I'm going to close this thread. Apps either accept that emoji are limited to their description (e.g. "smiling face emoji" only guarantees that it is a face that is smiling) or replace all emoji with a standard variant (I think Discord, Facebook, etc do this). I've presented that option in this thread, but I don't think it affects the end goal here.
  8. I disagree, and find emoji to be way more expressive than the forum ones. They're also supported just about everywhere nowadays, and trying to ignore them is not going to be sustainable.
  9. TJ09

    BSA Nurture for hatchies

    If a hatchling-targeted "incubate" BSA were to happen, it would 100% not be stackable with egg incubate. Incubate, as-is, is really poorly designed. It's reasonably easy to get enough red dragons that you always have incubate available when you want it. What this means in practice is that, except for a few niche cases (like Siyats, which are relatively new, or needing to stretch the timer to the wire for e.g. a trade), there's never a reason to not use incubate. At that point, I might as well just remove incubate and start all eggs at six days instead of seven. It's not exactly equivalent, but it's pretty close. If a hatchling "incubate" were able to be used on top of the egg one, the same concerns come into play: When would someone ever not use it? What does it add to the game that removing a day from all timers doesn't add? And, as I have a tendency to ask: what's the tradeoff? If it only really exists to smooth out what few rough edges incubate has, it becomes a much more niche action. It also becomes much less useful, but it at least has a solid role that it fills; one that provides value without completely throwing off the balance of everything.
  10. The forum provides the option of overriding device-default emoji with one of the more common icon sets (e.g. 😀 vs vs ), but IMO it's best to show people the same emoji that they see in every other app/program on their phone/computer. Turning off emoji will presumably still leave the default emoticons around, and if ): stops turning into an emoji (😞) it'll likely start falling back to the emoticon () instead.
  11. TJ09

    Grammar Patrol

    People repeatedly say we need a thread where people can report spelling or grammar mistakes that are found on the site. Now we have one. EDIT: Everyone's like "WHAT?!? TJ POSTED A NEW TOPIC?!? OMG." Sorry to say that there's not much to see here. No need to post corrected versions; just pointing out the error is sufficient. Site typos aren't the result of ignorance but rather just things I didn't notice while proofreading the description.
  12. TJ09

    ANSWERED:Mass Un-Name and Release

    I don't think bulk destructive actions are a very common operation, and given the inherent risk involved with providing them, I don't plan on implementing the ability to do any sort of mass-cleaning such as releasing, unnaming, or killing.
  13. I'm not strictly against the concept, but the data doesn't support the hypothesis that this is an issue to be solved. Despite the significant bump in activity during holidays, the raw number of sick eggs is relatively unchanged, and so the percentage of eggs that are sick is lower than normal.
  14. TJ09

    On-site Hatchery

    If you mean based on my proposed "rate-limiting?" There's no formulas or anything more than a thing I proposed as a "what if," so it could be whatever. But I imagine for "only gives enough views to hatch after six days" to work for any egg that isn't brand new, it'd have to apply the scaling based on the time left. Though it's also possible to ensure that the system is zero-sum and you have to make sure you give views to get anything out of it. That's a separate area for debate, I guess.
  15. TJ09

    2019-01-01 - Holiday Event Encore

    Snow Wars 2 is now over. Thanks to everyone who participated and enjoyed the event; bringing fun to you is why we do this. If you'd like to continue to show off your fort, here's the thread to do so: And once again, the credits of those who worked hard to bring you this event:
  16. As with the original Snow Wars, we've brought you an encore! This encore brings four more days (until Jan 4 at 11:59:59 EST) to decorate your fort, along with 50 new items to decorate with—many of which are returned from the original event. Happy New Year!
  17. TJ09

    2019-01-01 - Holiday Event Encore

    The layering bug with icing/flooring pieces should be fixed. If you're still seeing it, be sure to clear your browser's cache (don't bother with clearing cookies, that's almost never going to fix anything)
  18. Blackout and Dino Cave are still around at peoples' request, but are officially considered unsupported. Things should generally still work, but there's no guarantees except that everything will likely look pretty ugly since you're getting text colors and styles from the default skin.
  19. TJ09

    ANSWERED:Snow War2 - overlay issues

    Fort layering will appear as it does when you enter your own fort (or view someone else's for attacking). There will be no surprise tweaks: as I believe I have said in the news thread, what you see is what you get (sans damage) which many people who have declared their forts "finished" days ago are relying on.
  20. Claudius will revert to calm when damage is wiped away. Sorry that my use of the word "probably" as a colloquialism was the subject of so much confusion, but that has always been the intent since the enraged sprite was added. If he was going to stay enraged, I would not have mentioned him calming down in the first place.
  21. TJ09

    2018-12-25 - Happy Holidays!

    Happy holidays, everyone! The 2018 Holiday event is here, and we've brought back (well actually, completely remade from the ground up) one of the most popular events from the past: Snow Wars. Build up your fort, conquer others, and level up to unlock even more decorations, weapons, or defenses. The new Holiday eggs are here as well. You can find them in the the cave for three days (until 12/27 at 11:59 PM EST). After that, they're gone until next year.
  22. TJ09

    2018-12-25 - Happy Holidays!

    Update 5: You can now unlock (free) upgrades to your base at certain levels. Replace your tent with a nice cozy igloo, log cabin, or finish off your castle with a keep. Upgrading also updates the look of the inside of your base. The castle gate piece can now be rotated. If you feel like having the sunrise in your face as you leave your castle every morning, now you can. The issue of the misnamed "corner path" piece has been straightened out. A new magical statue is available (at level 50) under the "Special" category. This statue allows you to repair items in a 4x4 area for reduced cost (once per hour).
  23. TJ09

    2018-12-25 - Happy Holidays!

    Your fort will appear as you see it when you click "Edit Fort" (minus damage). This includes all resources that are on the ground—and many people are in fact intentionally leaving them around as decorations.