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  1. Eggs have always had some amount of randomization without guarantee that they are strictly ordered by time. I'm going to close this thread since it's been 11 days since people have confirmed that it was fixed.
  2. I don't think it's proxying, I think it's re-hosting. Thus, anything dynamic will stop being dynamic after being saved to the forums. This is an unfortunate but necessary thing to reduce cases of browsers warning about "partially insecure content." It's also not a bug but an intentional change in the forum software. The solution, though, is correct: use HTTPS whenever possible and I don't think it'll mess with those.
  3. TJ09

    Ad redirects

    Are you sure that's specifically from an ad where Chrome says "blocked redirect"? It's just a link to Nike. I took a look at ads that link there and If it was on the forums, did you check both the header and footer ads? Regardless, a screenshot is preferred.
  4. TJ09

    Ad redirects

    By that point you've already been redirected; I need to see the ad that shows up on site unfortunately. There are no google ads from that domain. I doubt that's the URL they put into the ad, since that makes it too easy to find. Catching the ad when chrome blocks the redirect is exactly what I need, not the page *after* the redirect.
  5. TJ09

    Ad redirects

    In order to do anything, I'm going to need a screenshot of the ad that appears on the page when this happens. Note that the forums have two ad locations (above and below the content) and it could be either. I can block certain ads from appearing but I need to know what ad it is. This is not necessarily true. It's very likely just a specific ad that, once blocked, will solve the issue.
  6. Thanks, hopefully the following revamp of the confirmation page works:
  7. Out of curiosity, does the help page for those actions not sufficiently explain it? If you weren't aware of that page, what things did you try? I'd like to ensure there's no obvious missed opportunity to improve.
  8. There are tweaks here and there. Nothing recent that would affect lineage view, though I think I cleaned up the name wrapping behavior a week or two ago...
  9. I'm following this and tracking what's going on to make sure it doesn't get worse, but I believe it's going to sort itself out as eggs cycle through the AP, so I'm not currently doing anything proactive here.
  10. If I check the members list, I see several people listed as logged in anonymously (including some of the people posting here). so as far as I can tell there are actual anonymous logins happening. I also see that I am currently logged in anonymously, but the "last active" is indeed updating. One of the patch notes for the recent update involves "Improved anonymous log in tracking to fix 'Since my last visit' not working"—I suspect that the "last visited" thing was intentionally changed as part of that. In such a case, anonymous login does no longer acts as if you've never visited the forums (which is perhaps for the better, given I've seen confusion around people believing that a person is inactive because their profile said they haven't visited in a year), but still does not reveal exactly when you're online or what you're viewing.
  11. I believe you actually are logged in anonymously. The indicator on the "Recently Browsing" section is a custom addition that tends to break whenever the forums are upgraded.
  12. Do you have an example of an egg you think should be appearing in the AP right now (and how you know it hasn't already been taken)? The average time left of the eggs currently in the AP is somewhere around 5–6 days left, which for visible eggs at ~4 days seems like exactly what I'd expect. If there were a backlog of eggs that have less time left "in limbo" then that would mess with that average. Nonetheless, if you believe something isn't working as expected, the Help section is the place to make a thread.
  13. Saying you "despise" a sprite isn't very nice...
  14. There are five distinct tiers: The four you mentioned, but also one in between "31st" and "Halloween" during all Halloween breeding. There is currently no overlap between tiers, though I've thought about adding "night time" as a bonus on top of all of the other tiers (instead of just being its own level).
  15. 🤔 You can't see hidden posts, but that thread is a graveyard of fixed typos.
  16. These new eggs are taking the cave by storm. Grab some of your own from the Forest and Jungle.
  17. You're very welcome. Hopefully they're positioned nicely; the exact crop will vary based on your phone, but e.g. on the ones I tested, the pygmies on the coast are right in the header.
  18. The forum software has been updated to the latest version in order to apply an important stability and bug fixes. There should be few visible changes, but if you encounter anything broken, please post in the Help section.
  19. These dragons are pretty hard to pin down. They're over there—wait, now they're over there!
  20. The bot has been fixed and you can use the same registration link to try again.
  21. If you think the current system we have today is pretty much the same as an auto-approval system minus guideline changes, and the bulk of your request is to relax the rules, then make this thread about relaxing the rules. I am 100% talking about the thread that was closed, and I've already followed up with the mods about why that thread was closed in the first place.
  22. But trying to make a distinction there is getting closer and closer to splitting hairs. Even if a mod "forces" someone to change a description months after submitting, the description will be visible to people during the interim. That's not significantly different from a mod coming in and reviewing a reported description and removing it months after it was submitted--in both cases the description was submitted, people saw it, then it went away after a mod saw it. I'm ignoring the request here about relaxing the rules (though I'm assuming you're coupling that in with your counterargument here) because that's honestly a completely separate topic (and in fact there is/was a thread specifically for that)--you could still have mod approval where the only thing being looked for is basic decency, and you could have auto-approval with viewers being empowered to report descriptions for spelling mistakes.
  23. Auto-approval already exists. It's existed for years. It's also opt-in, and that's not something I'm going to change--since it's user-generated content that I can't guarantee is "safe" to look at outside some basic word/link censoring, turning on the "view unapproved descriptions" option is an acknowledgement that you might see Bad Stuff. There's even now a message telling you when you would have been able to a description if you turned on the option.
  24. The invite is marked as temporary, which means Discord itself will auto-kick you if you leave the page without getting assigned a role (i.e. verify your account). However, once you've started the process with DCBot, getting kicked from the server doesn't break it. In fact, if you rejoin the server for any reason after verifying, you'll automatically get the correct Verified role.
  25. It really depends on what you mean by heavier. IRC clients require a persistent connection to *something* that something may be a bouncer or the actual server (though let's be real: in terms of friendliness bouncers are power-user territory), which also means that your phone's radio needs to stay awake to maintain that TCP connection. Discord does not, and instead can make use of GCM or other push services built into phones such that you can still receive mentions and stay up to date even when it's in the background, without constantly keeping your phone awake. I haven't seen evidence one way or another, but I would be surprised to find that IRC is *better* for phone battery life than Discord is. If there's a good, feature-ful alternative that's federated and has the same nice properties of Discord (easy to join in, doesn't require a persistent connection, modern UX features that most chats have nowadays like reactions and rich message attachments), I haven't found it yet.