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  2. "Wait! What -" Before Claudia could get a sentence out, she was flying. Gripped closely to the chest of her new friend. She looked down at the battle going on below and shuttered. At least she was getting far away from that mess. She felt a little guilty about being carried, but there was nothing to be done about it. Arc had scooped her up before she could protest, and she was in no condition to fly alone. Claudia scanned the ground for her other friends and the basket. Everything had happened so quickly, she didn't have time to react. To help anyone. Claudia looked up at Arc full of pain and worry, only to find him looking back at the others as well. At the very least he was looking out for them. Hopefully that meant no one would be left behind in the escape.
  3. Happy Birthday DC! And happy birthday to you too if you are one years more old today xD
  4. Thank you everyone and congratz to winners! This was so much fun!
  5. Happy Birthday DC! I may not have been here for the full 13 years, but it still has been a ride. Cheers to another 13 years!
  6. *lol* Wow, that would be marvellous !
  7. I'll only accept this BSA as long as (spoiler for Endgame)
  8. Time hatched ! It's so cute ! And it creates a time loop ! I absolutely love it ! ... Time hatched ! It's so cute ! And it creates a time loop ! I absolutely love it ! ... Time hatched ! It's so cute ! And... LOL
  9. All the hatchlings look great! I love them all, going to have to collect more once I unlock from the ones I caught. Can't wait to see the adults!
  10. Ah, ok, thanks for pointing that out. I was secretly hoping for a GoT-release but hey, I'm absolutely eggcited nonetheless. The hatchies really look promising and getting regulars, Drakes, Pygmies and Twoheaded in one release? Fabulous! If only we had more slots...
  11. Prices have raised a lot in just one day. The heck?! Maybe it's due to the new release? I'm in shock. D:
  12. LAGIE! *huggles* Caught some as well. They went fast this time!
  13. I need to update my dragons... Hopefully i'll find time soon! btw, we have a new golden two headed!! Can't wait for the adult sprites!
  14. Ooh, these all look so lovely...! The alpine hatchling and the coast hatchling in particular are my favorites, so I think I’ll nab a pair of those and leave the rest as singles. *u*
  15. Ohh, the hatchies look promising ! The Pygmy of Dread (that's what I call them privately) made me laugh - a tiny little pygmy hatchie glaring oh-so-malevolently. @SkyWolf25 Since you are online just now - congratulations to that cute little Soul hatchie ! I really like the little one's look so far ! And beautiful colours ! I guess the Mind (golden) hatchie sharing the soul description is an error, I'm curious to see what the actual description will be. (Of course it would fit both mind and soul, but since it has "soul" in it...)
  16. @Zimtie Well, the egg is unbitable, so since it looks two-headed, it almost certainly is. And yes, they do seem to share the same hatchie description. It looks like it could go with either of the egg descriptions (which are "seems to tug at your very core" vs "gives you a headache") so I don't know which it's supposed to go with.
  17. Just realised what today was. Happy Birthday DC!
  18. Users signed up for reminders Start of the massbreed: Every individual day: ------------------------------------------ Active raffles: none
  19. Yeah I grabbed one each of five and three dread eggs Didn't mean to grab that many of dreads, but it fate fated lol.
  20. I've decided, since DC is now 13, that's the logical thing to count by. +12 = 64
  21. On 22nd of June the day is the longest on the northern hemisphere, marking the day of Summer Solstice! Also known as Midsummer, this day is celebrated widely around the world, so why wouldn’t we celebrate it here on Dragon Cave as well? And what better way to honor summer and sun than Color Week! This idea was last implemented in this thread and I absolutely loved it back then. Breeding by color allows some variance so it’s not just one specific breed blocking the whole AP! ----------------------------------------------------- Duration: 7 days (17th - 23rd of June) Theme: Colors ----------------------------------------------------- Day 1 (Monday 17th of June): Red & Pink For example: Red, Royal Crimson, Black Tea, Crimson Flare, Hooktalon, Aeon, Balloon, Valentines, Pyrope, Almadine... Day 2 (Tuesday 18th of June): Brown & Orange & Yellow For example: Imps, Yellow Zuy, Pygmy, Ochredrake, Honey Drake, Pillow, Harvest, Shallow Water, Gold, Golden Wyvern, Leodon... Day 3 (Wednesday 19th of June): Green For example: Terrae, BBW, Tangar, Anagallis, Almerald, Olive, Magelight, Greater Spotted, Summer, Vine, Gaia, Mint, Fever, Frill... Day 4 (Thursday 20th of June): Blue For example: Waterhorse, Water, Split, Kyanite, Morphodrake, Royal Blue, Coastal Waverunner, Moonstone, Tetra, Razorcrest, Thunder, Ice... Day 5 (Friday 21st of June): Purple For example: Nhio, Brute, Purple Dorsal, Purple Ridgewing, Purple Neb, Horse, Soulstone, Witchlight, Sakuhana, Purple Floret... Day 6 (Saturday 22nd of June): Black & White & Grey For example: White, Black, Monarch, Albino, Grave, Turpentine, Marrow, Desipis, Falconiform, Ember, Frostbite, Ash, Stone, Boreal, Pipio, Dark Myst, Magma... Day 7 (Sunday 23rd of June): Catch-up/All of the rest -Day! Breed colors for any day you missed or for any day you had too many dragons and didn't finish breeding. This is a good day to breed those breeds that don’t seem to fit in any of the color categories. -------------------------------------------------- The examples are just examples, there’s obviously more dragons in these colors than the ones listed, and you can interpret the colors anyway you like. Differently colored pairs and lineages can be be bred on the day of your own choosing. This can also be a LOT of breeding, so feel free to join in in anyway you like! You can breed as much or as little as you want, and only participate on the days you want to. The focus is on nice lineages: even gens, 2nd gens, checkers, spirals, stairs, arrows etc. If you want to sign up for reminders for the start of the massbreed and every individual day, please post it on this thread! I’m hoping we could do some raffles for the participants of the massbreed, so keep your eyes open for that!
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