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Hello there ;)

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Hi, you can call me Dragoncat, I really want to hatch some dragon eggs and I don’t want them to die. So, please go check them out. :)

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Hi hi! It's super fun to hatch eggies~  If you're having trouble, there are fansites that will help your eggs get views. But be careful, if an egg gets too many views too fast, it can get sick and even die. I find it seems to work okay if I wait until the egg has 6 days or less remaining, and then use just one fansite. My personal preference is one of the automated viewing ones, but there's a bunch of options to check out and find what works well for you ^^

Edit - if an egg has VERY LITTLE time remaining, you'll need to get it views quicker before it runs out of time. But 6-4 days most do seem to manage okay in just one fansite.

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