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Hello hello! (Again)

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Please call me Zoraya or Raya for short! Pronouns are she/they, nice to meet you all! 


I love art and literature! I also draw sometimes, and I think I'm fairly good at it. I love pokemon, my favorite being Zorua! 


I found myself another past-time! I started on January first, new years, and I'm loving everything! Still so much to learn about this game, and I'm stoked! 


Glad to be here! ❣




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Welcome to DC!

Zoraya likes Zorua, that'll be easy to remember!
Do you like it because it can transform or do you like the design? Both are good! It's a nice dark type :3

DC is pretty fun, I like clicking the dragons and how the encyclopedia functions. I'm new and learning too, I hope we see each other around the forums.

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