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Woodwolves' DragCave Holiday Cookies

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A bit of reorganizing at the moment 

Decided I might use this thread for other digital art. Moved the cookies to a later post while the main one will be for navigation and other info. Keeping the title for now as it is the only thing I have showcased.


Table of Contents

1. DragCave Holiday Cookies (2022)




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I actually started participating in Dragon Cave's "Holiday Cookie Decorating" this year (2022). And I wanted be able to see them year-round. As you can see, I went pokemon crazy. Hope everyone who (randomly) receives one likes it.


My refs are either memory or offical art (I believe) usually found through Bulbapedia. There is quite bit of trial-and-error to find what works within the limitations. (Oh how I wish for gray and orange.)


Be aware that these are screenshots meaning the cookies are in order place by the DragCave site (newer-to-older). I'll put the pokemon names in chronological order underneath each image.



Pikachu (elf) - Sealeo - Umbreon - Charmander

The first is of course pikachu as I can easily draw it from memory. Not sure about using sprinkles for mouth and nose, though.


Mantyke - Amaura - Scatterbug - Turtwig

Why are you on pizza, Amaura? I'm fond of how I used Turtwig's leaves


Tirtouga - Hydreigon Skrelp - Krokorok


Passimian - Lycanroc (Midday) - Lairon - Dottler



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