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Introducing myself I guess

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Hello everyone, I'm not super new to the game since I joined June 15th this year, I saw some eggs in a Den profile on Lioden and decided to check it out, I'm only now making a forum account and posting because I'm not super forum social, but I guess I could be?

I'm 37yo, pronouns are they/them, I like food, art, cats, dragons, mermaids and unicorns. I occasionally do art but just for mental health therapy.

I'm really just looking for friends that I can egg swap with, I don't really play to compete, I just want to collect them and see how pretty they all are. I am on discord if anyone wants to be my friend there, just post here and ask. 

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On 1/1/2023 at 9:49 PM, purpledragonclaw said:

Hello and welcome! What types of art do you like? 

I'm finally able to log back in! Heckin password issues lol. I like pencil/colored pencil on paper. Or acrylic paint. Or chalk pastels... Yeah keeping my brain busy by making stuff with my hands!

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