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Hello There!

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Hi there!
My name is Wingedflight, most people tend to call me "Wing." My scroll name is WingsOfFlight since seems like I was beaten to the punch there. ^^ I go by she/her, I'm very new to the site and how everything works. 

I recently joined because I came across an old spriter's work for some of the dragons they designed here on DeviantArt - the anniversary dragons being the final push to encourage me to finally give it a try. I love the anniversary dragons to bits, especially the Scourgekeeper, who I hope I can get sometime soon if I'm lucky enough with Adventuring. I honestly find all of this really cool. I'm steadily becoming really captivated by all the dragon lore - each dragon species having their own written-up lore and unique sprites are such wonderful details!

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Hello and welcome! I have yet to send my dragons on an adventure yet, I'm still trying to collect them all for collection purposes. You should check out the holiday events, the lore is fleshed out even more then! The games are so fun and the stories are so engaging!

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