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Hello all,


I am May. I am a casual, on and off again player (since 2013). I thought I had a forum account, but I couldn't find it. (It was years ago, so who knows)


I don't understand a lot of the lingo, but I typically don't interact much, so...


Dragons are cool, of course! I love all the little sprites. I have such a hard time picking favorites, but some of the ones I have are (probably too long a list, but it was hard just picking these):

Baikala Dragons

Mundus Cantormaris Dragons

Astralophyne Dragons

Stratos Dragons

Sophrosyne Dragons

Shallow Water Dragons

Scourgekeeper Dragons

Omen Wyrms

Lihnseyre Dragons

Kovos Pygmies

Glowback Pygmies

Fire Gem Dragons

Desipis Dragons


I am rather fond of pygmies and two headeds in general.


Outside of the game... I dabble in far too many things to mention, enjoy writing and other crafts. I am not a very good artist, however (in terms of pen/pencil/etc & paper). I love animals and trying new things.

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Hello and welcome! 


My favorite dragons:



Glaucus Drakes


Elux Lucis


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Welcome back! Another user from 2013 here!

My current favorites are


Blusang Lindwyrm


Golden Wyvern

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Thank you all!

Your favorites are lovely, I almost had Glaucus Drakes and Blacks on my list, but it was super long already.

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hi, welcome!! oouh.. i love pygmies sm, and writing is super fun.. prefer it to 'art' art, drawing etc. i dont know that i have Favorite dragons for sure, though.

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