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Hi there, a brief introduction of myself!

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Hi, I'm SterneLeuchte,  I started playing drangon cave about a month ago and finally made up my mind to join the forum XD.


pronouns: she/her


birthday: 30th, Jan


hobbies: fanfics (mostly slash XDD), rythm games, musicals, vocaloid, tv shows (big fan of doctor who), reading


favouriate games: devil may cry, arcaea, animal crossing, bendy and the ink machine etc.


recently watching: metal family, doctor who (as usual), and actually a lot ;)



I am not an native english speaker, but i do enjoy learning different languages and i'd really love to chat with all of you!!






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Hello and welcome! I love the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy rhythm games. I used to love DDR back in the day too. I just picked up New Horizons and can't wait to try it! 


Your English was fine to me. :) 

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Welcome to DC forum! There are several users whose native language is not English, so don't worry too much about it :) 

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On 5/31/2022 at 3:58 AM, DraconicDetective said:

hihi, welcome!! i really like rhythm games, what all do you play?

I play arcaea, phigros, dinamix and project sekai on mobile, taiko no tatsujin, maimai :)

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