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Hello new friends!

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Is this thing on?

I'm not very talkative by nature, I'm afraid, but I'm really quite excited - I've been here a week, decided early on I wanted a gold dragon (because I am, unfortunately, a dungeons and dragons nerd), and the cave just yielded one up! I have no idea what to name them, and I have to wait like a week to see their gender, but I'm excited regardless. (Also big thanks to the kindly sort who gave away a free vampire egg a couple days back! I'm going to accidentally kill so many eggs trying to sire them...)

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Hello and welcome! Congrats on snagging a Gold dragon, the rarest of the rare! I never played D&D, but I did read the books. :) I still can't bring myself to Bite eggs, so I just enjoy the Vampires I find in the AP (abandoned page). 

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