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Adopt-sites with complex breeding/genetics systems

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Hello, I'm looking for click/adopt-sites with, as the title says, complex breeding systems (meaning things like family trees, inherited colors, maybe hybrids, young that visibly age in adults, "gestation" periods, maybe even where the carrier's sprite changes to reflect being with child or egg if that's a thing anywhere [is it?]). I don't really have any preferences for content (i.e., Pokemon, pets, fantasy animals, aliens, etc).

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Hello there! 


I quiet literlly registered just to give you this recommendation xD 


I religiously play "Lioden" and it may be worth checking out for you! 

It has all the aspects you mentioned : genetics, heritage & linuage, inbreeding, base /marking/mane/eye/skin color shape type etc, mutation, lethals, decor&backgrounds, a great community etc!


It's a really cool game! 


A sister company of lioden is Wolvden, it seems to be very similar, but from what Ive heard, it's a little harder than lioden ( in wolvedon, seemingly your wolf pack can also get sick etc.) 


I've been contemplating on giving it a try as well, but lioden is DEFFINILTY recommendable! 

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