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DC Scroll Datasheet Builder

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Dragon Cave Datasheet Builder

I do not know how to use Github, so please contact me through the forum or e-mail(king_chobab@naver.com).

And I use a translator. Please do not use abbreviations or new words as much as possible, and keep the grammar as much as possible before sending.


This program was created to improve the breeding convenience and to manage Dragon Cave's dragons more easily.

Run the program and enter your ID to load the scroll's dragon list and save it as a csv file with some information.


Information provided: ID, Name, Breed, Born in, Gender, Parent, Generation, Spouse

*These breeds and spouses are not currently available. It will be added later.

Eggs, Hatchlings, dead dragons, undead, and non-gender dragons are excluded from the list as their main purpose is to manage bloodlines.

If there is someone who needs the excluded ones, I will consider modifying them.

When searching for a generation, it loads an html file and parses the information, so the more dragons there are, the slower the speed.

※Do not try to decode the exe file


Perhaps the antivirus will detect this as a virus. Please handle the exception.

Download either py or exe. Decide which one to download as follows:

1. exe

I don't know what a python interpreter is.


I don't have python interpreter installed on my device.


I don't have the Dragon Cave API key.

2. py

I can use the Python interpreter and have an API key.

3. py (OS other than Windows)

I use an OS other than Windows.

API key and interpreter are required.

The reason I'm giving you two choices is that the exe is much larger than the py.


The exe only works on Windows.

Also, if possible, use it only in a Windows 10 environment. Not tested with other Windows versions.

Windows 8 will probably work without problems. But I can't say for sure.


If you are compiling yourself, you will need the packages:

  • beautifulsoup4
  • pandas
# Python
pip install beautifulsoup4
# Anaconda
conda install -c anaconda beautifulsoup4
# Python
pip install pandas
# Anaconda
conda install pandas

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I want to try this, but I am reluctant to download it.


Is there no way this can be built into a website?

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On 1/22/2022 at 10:40 AM, Shokomon said:

I want to try this, but I am reluctant to download it.


Is there no way this can be built into a website?

I'm learning how to build a website for this now. But it's difficult for the time being. Sorry😢

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!!! Version 0.2 Updated !!!


--- Update History ---
1. Error handling for situations in which data cannot be retrieved has been fixed in general.
    - Added a notification for users who don't own a gendered adult dragon,
      or users who cannot retrieve adult dragon information because "Hide adults on scroll(in Account settings)" is enabled.
    - The message displayed when
       ["Hide scroll" is activated and data cannot be retrieved] or [cannot be found due to incorrect user ID input has been changed].
2. Add function to call Spouse list
    - For dragons with children only, store that spouse and the number of children with the spouse in the Spouse column.
    - ex) GVlJ8's Spouses : ['IQSf2', 8], ['vS6j7', 3], ['AavMD', 1], ['7oipH', 1], ['tzKSx', 1]
    - It is not possible to search for a spouse who actually tried to mate but does not have children.
3. Added a guide to see the progress.
4. Made options for loading generation info and spouse list selectable.
    - Loading the dragon's generation info and spouse list will take much longer. So I modified them to be selectable.
5. Added date to the name of the file being saved.
    - Existing: King_chobab.csv
      After change: King_chobab_2022-02-14.csv
6. Added guidance to let you know how long it will take to clean up your scroll data.
    - The unit is seconds.


--- Next Update ---

1. Add function to call breed information.
    Breeds with overlapping descriptions cannot be classified normally.
    (Ex-zyumorph, some of Holiday dragons)
2. Make GUI or Create a website to built-in

    It will probably go in the direction of the website rather than the GUI. And this will be very time consuming.


And although I cannot guarantee when it will be, if the website build-in is successful, from then on, I will update the existing datasheet with new information(It will consume less time than it is now!), and make possible to edit the datasheet with the GUI on the site.
You can see the dragon's sprite in the table, edit notes, and so on.






Actually, the update was completed 2 days ago, but it was updated now because I was at a loss because I didn't know how to upload it to github from another device. Nah




2 hours ago, saint-megatron said:

This is promising, but I want to wait until there is a website version. I am following, though :)

Backend development is now under study, so I think it will take a very long time... I'd appreciate it if you could wait. :D

~ Swimming in Error ~

Edited by Kingchobab

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Thanks for this, I can confirm it works great!


I'm using the data generated for my sheet detailed here. Are you still working on this tool?

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-------------- No more updates. I'm trying to make this a website. --------------

Comming soon!


Edited by Kingchobab

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