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DUPLICATE:Scroll Goal Assistance

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So, I thought I'd start this to help folks attain their own specific scroll goals with a dedicated group of folks deliberately catching, gendering, breeding, and trading to specific folks. Rather than random gifting, requests, bunting to the AP, etc.


See, my specific scroll goal is to have 3 of each adult sprite and 1 each of each baby sprite. That would be up to 8 of an individual breed. However, I also don't want to have only my own babies on my scroll for breeding purposes and also because I only want lowest-gen possible dragons. So, I'm finding myself in over my head with the monthly (though well appreciated) releases just increasing the dragons I'm trying to find.


So, I would like help in getting folks who would deliberately breed for me 2g gen breed onlys to swap bloodlines or help me get action-only dragons. I would of course do the same in reverse.


I feel this is different than Caveborn/Lineage trading because you're specifically pairing off with others breeding coordinated swaps. But I could be wrong.


Anyone like to assist?

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