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Z-Plague (WIP)

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Please note that I will use this color to denote random things that may not fit in with the plot; this will make sense in the various sections. ^^



Earth. An earth that is besieged by fire and fog, fighting and disease, and before all: Death. The world has fallen apart, after the beginning of a horrid pestilence that overtook the planet, one that managed to kill a good portion of the population. It began with a slight fever, one that most wouldn't even notice, a simple number on the thermometer: 37.7 °C (99.9 °F in places that use °F). Seeing that slight rise in body temperature, especially on a warm day wouldn't even make a person blink. Until the next symptom hit, all at once for those with that specific number on their thermometer, a rash that spread slowly over the body starting at the forehead and ending with the tip of the toes. After that, the rash began to break into something that could only be described as lesions, and with that brought the start of a confusion. The ill took to the streets, walking around in a foggy daze in their heads that only made accidents more likely to happen. The final symptom was one that most would welcome, even the family members that watched their loved ones begin to go down in mental facilities: death, a sweet relief and a chance to move on from the plague that many nicknamed the Z-Plague. 


Scientists worked hard to understand this mysterious illness, unable to obtain enough information until more than a million had passed away on Earth. These valiant men and women stayed behind in labs, warning everyone to stay away from the ones that seemed ill, take your temperature, keep an eye on loved ones while taking care of one's self. Eat healthy. Drink water. Get plenty of sleep. Don't go toward anyone that seemed lost on the sidewalks of major cities. Most of all, stay clear of those that seemed strange, that seemed like... no other word could fit it, like a zombie. There would be a cure at some point, but as the scientists slaved away, more and move found themselves passing away, until something so strange happened that even the weirdest of people couldn't have fathomed: the dead began to awake.


After the first few awoke and seemed fine, more and more of the dead made their way back into the homes that had seemed empty since their demise. One after another found themselves awake in a coffin or a mausoleum. Families rejoiced in the wake of their lost ones, until the night that news broke of an attack. A young woman found herself the lunch of her darling little girl with blonde pigtails and a charming pink dress, and other cases followed shortly after. The joke name that the illness had received from the media at the beginning, born from the hoards of confused men, women and children wandering the streets suddenly seemed truly terrifying: Z-Plague. The Zombie Plague. 




As the creator, I don't want this to have a totally thought out plot. I would like this to be... free to open up your rp skills or whatever. As a group we could talk things out, and that sort of thing. But... to keep with guidelines...


You are a survivor in a world that is less than savory (Pun not intended). The ones that play will be tasked with helping one another, looking into cures, whatever they deem helpful. Make yourself as helpful as possible, fight the dead, deal with other survivors, figure out the best way to stay alive in this world dominated by the Z-Plague. (I sound like a video game, help. xD)


  1. Be nice to one another. No fighting or arguing. Let's be civil and pleasant.
  2. Post clearly, and remember to spellcheck. 
  3. No ridiculously overpowered characters. We don't need God to come down and save us. This is an rp. 
  4. If you need to vanish for a bit, let us know. You can do that by PM'ing me. ^^
  5. No godmodding or anything of that sort. It may be fun for you, but it's not for the others. ^^
  6. Dragon Cave rules are the best rules and must be followed. 
  7. Romance is fine, but keep it to a minimum. The world is dying and you two are making out? Come on guys. lol. 
  8. No excess swearing/cybering/bullying/the normal stuff. As stated before: Be civil and pleasant. 



*One per person for the moment~*




Proficiencies (weapons/medical/social/etc...):

Brief physical description:


Do you personally think this character will make a good choice?:



Name: Aiden Barlowe

Age:  28

Proficiencies (weapons/medical/social/etc...): Medical

Brief physical description: Aiden almost looks delicate, with pale skin and blue eyes. Freckles dot his cheeks and his arms. His black hair falls around his face and he's gotten several scars from playing as a child on his hands. 

History: As a medical student, Aiden has already seen his fair share of death. He was a resident in a hospital at the beginning of the breakout. As a teenager, Aiden ran track and made good grades in school. He's smart and simply wants to live. 

Do you personally think this character will make a good choice?: I think so. He's got a fairly good head on his shoulders. 


Characters so far:

Aiden: Alive




Reserved~ ❤️ ...I don't know how to not make the posts merge. lol. 

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42 minutes ago, SomeRandomCorviknight said:

Looking forward towhen this gets approved! :D 

Oh yeah? I hope it might be one day~ lol

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Hello!! Everything looks good so far! Is this going to be going to the Freeform RP section, or Other Rp section? As there's a bit more to the latter usually for specifics on what gets approved. But wiggle room is always available depending on the situations.

If you need help deleting specific threads, posts, or editing your posts to make different sections (merging posts tend to get a bit funky sometimes) just shoot me a dm and I'll get to it asap!!


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Whoops! I forgot to reply to this! lol


Um... Either one is fine I believe. I can't remember the specifics in what the difference is. lol. 


I couldn't seem to make a different post as they kept merging. lol

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