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2021-05-08 - Sprite Replacement

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Today I have a bit of a first as far as Dragon Cave announcements go: the full replacement of a single individual's dragon art.


The individual in question (who will not be mentioned by name because they do not deserve the attention) has expressed views that are detestable, and which have no place on Dragon Cave or its community. Even years later after things first surfaced, this person has shown no sign of remorse or change. While they have not produced any art for Dragon Cave in quite some time, additional information has only provided further evidence of wrongdoing, and their continued presence has proven problematic. As such, they have been fully removed from the site.


Let me just take a moment to be extremely clear: There is no room for racism, antisemitism, xenophobia, sexism or any other form of discrimination on Dragon Cave, and there will be no tolerance for people who express such hatred.


As a result of severing all ties with the problematic individual, the following breeds have been remade by new artists and replaced:

  • Ciriax Lindwyrms (formerly: Two-headed Lindwyrms)
  • Electric Dragons
  • Holiday Dragons (2011)
  • Mistlet Pygmies (formerly: Dark Myst Pygmies)
  • Seawyrm Pygmies
  • Serrati Wyvern (formerly: Seragamma Wyverns)
  • Sunbeam/Moonglow Drakes (formerly: Day/Night Glorydrakes)
  • Sophrosyne Dragons (formerly: Soulpeace Dragons)
  • Tideweaver Lindwyrms (formerly: Red-finned Tidal Dragons)


I am acutely aware that sprite updates are contentious at the best of times. In this situation, our usual strategy of staying as faithful as possible to the poses, coloration, and other aspects of the original artwork was not possible, and the new art is going to be different from what you're used to. I want to thank everyone preemptively for your understanding, and for bearing with these changes.

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