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SoulPeace x Carina Project

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I have been working on a SoulPeace and Carina Lineage Project. I would like to offer eggs from this lineage to those looking for Carinas and SoulPeace dragons. If you wish to adopt an egg please fill out the form below.



Dragon Type (SoulPeace/Carina/Either):

Pairing (Pairing # or "Any"):


First Gen SoulPeace Pairings


1. Dream Creamsicle x Mother of Soulpeace


2. A Simple Snow x Once Upon A Cloud


3. Peaceful-Beginning x Send-Me-A-Dream


4. Life Magicka x Sleeping Prophecy


5. Dreamers Beyond x Lasting Healing


First Gen Carina Pairings


6. Stargaze Nebula x Mother of Carinas


7. Sky'Claw x Nightly Glaze


8. Galaxy of Soul x Taking-Flight


9. Twisted-Galaxies x Purple Trimmed


Second Gen Carina/SoulPeace Pairings


10. Blue Fire Soul x Your Inner Soul


11. Life is a Hwyjb x Wings-of-Starlight


12. Everlight Soul x Infinite-Galaxies


Here is the link to the project group: https://dragcave.net/group/93656

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