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Hi! I'm Joe, a.k.a. Coconut Joe :) I've been on Dragon Cave for a while but never participated in the forums until now (I'm shy). I love drawing dragons and the DC designs are so cool!! I can't pick a favourite but the Xenowyrms are definitely up there, especially Obidar.

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Hello and welcome! I love Guardians, Red Finned Tidals, and Glaucus Drakes.

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Hi! Welcome to the forum :D 

Xenowyrms are so cool! I personally only have one, but their designs are so cool

If you want, you can add a purple banner link to your signature by using this tool: https://dcrecords.tj09.net/banner/yourscrollnamehere.png

(replace yourscrollnamehere.png with your d.c username (keep the .png part)

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