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Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

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Roleplay for this is easy...if you have seen all the movies of course if not...i advise you dont play this cause spoilers will be there. It is very simple to join... just do the following...your character can be a character from the movies or made-up

This is for made up characters

Character Name:

Force Weilder: yes or no

if force weilder what rank are you: apprentice, sith, padawan, jedi, jedi knight, sith lord, and jedi master

weapon of choice: lightsaber(only for the force weilders) blaster, or rifle

Character looks: post your character art here

Character afflictions: mandolorian, jedi order, sith order, first order, or none

lightsaber color (if u have one): red, yellow, purple, green, or blue.


If your character is not made up please just say the characters name

Then post it and if you have questions please message me

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