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A-Z Song Titles

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this one's in ABC order.  Songs that start with "The" can go either in the "T"s or in the letter of the next word, like "The Boxer" by Simon and Garfunkel could go under "T" or "B" - it's up to you.


it's okay if you end up repeating the same song for some of the letters.

here's some links that i use when looking for songs:



Absolute Lyrics


^just a note for SongsTube, there's some sponsored links first, for example, i searched for Dio, you have to scroll  past the sponsored links (i counted 4 links) for the link that gives the list of Dio songs: List of all songs by DIO (A-Z) | Songs-tube.net

*thanks to Long_Before_Sunrise for the Absolute Lyrics and Songs Citatepedia links!


*don't spam, but chatter is okay, as long as you end up posting a song in your reply

*don't dis someone else's song if you don't like it or the band

*play nice


so i'll start with an A song and the next person gets B, then C, and so on.


and have fun! :D



All The Fools Sailed Away (Dio)


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to add some links!

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Fire's Burnin' (summer camp song)

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Headed For A Heartbreak

(Winger  😔

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