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Greetings everyone!

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Hello! My username's Blizzard_IStorm, the last part is basically a mash of Ice and Storm. You can call me Blizzard, Bliz, IceStorm, whichever works. :)

- My pronouns are they/them! A lot of people I've interacted with online tend to get that wrong.

- Hobbies include drawing, writing stories and lore, and animating (although so far I've done more PMV than AMV).

- I absolutely love dragons. Why else would I join Dragon Cave?

- I'm a new player on Dragon Cave (if you couldn't tell already), and I'm excited to get to know this community!

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Welcome to DC! Hope you enjoy!


If you don't mind show some of your works, you can make your thread at Original Works subforum :) 

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