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Hello all! 


I've been lurking since September 2020, unfortunately lost my first clutch but I'm hoping I can get enough clicks this time to have them hatch 🖤💜


I found DragonCave on one of the forums on PonyIsland. I go under as MidnightxWolf there too! There I own an adoptable and hired as a colourist/artist for another. 


Aside from PonyIsland. I play World of Warcraft, Borderlands 3, Grand Theft Auto Online, Persona 5, traditional pandemic game of animal crossing: new horizons, Pokémon and Vampyr mainly! I love D&D currently about to get thrown into Curse of Strahd as a half Elf Vampire Princess  that owns a Black Dragon 😅 the DM also gave a little perk to everyone with mine being a descendant from the first Silver Dragon.


I'm also a Cosplayer. My more known ones are Valkyrie Sylveon (MCM 2019) and Panther (Persona - CONS 18/19) I also have 2 cats and a Bearded Dragon 💜

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