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My white who produces cool codes

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I have this white named Blankoe, and since I prefer CB dragons, I don't breed much. But today I realized that I still don't have an amalthean or alt undine, so I bred him. And he produced a real word code-spiEs! But this isn't even the first time this has happened-a few years ago, he produced cuteO. He also made one with three 8s in her code. Oddly, all three were whites.

I do have another real world code on my scroll, a CB equinox vqYAM, and I wonder what I could get if I put the two on a trade-perhaps a CB saterae, silver or gold?

Still, I've only bred this dragon 7 times and I think it's really cool that he produced such interesting codes.

Any of yall have a dragon who seems to be really blessed (or cursed) with their offspring?

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I personally love it when dragons breed cool codes! :) Congrats on the new codes, @DoritosInMyBathtub!


I have bred quite a few lucky dragons over the years, for example, when my CB Bright-Breasteds made '(WOOLY)'. There was also a really good one when two of my CB codes (Fry x 'you pig!') made '(wAmme)!' Then there's '(AdOrK)' from naughty codes and my favourite, from 'LOOVE' and 'mAyoo': '(eatUs)'


I wouldn't say I have a blessed dragon who is very good at pumping out codes, however. I would say you have a very lucky dragon considering these codes take quite a bit of luck to get. :)

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