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Multicharbar's Personal Art Thread

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I might as well add to the subcategories, especially since I'm majoring in illustration and I hope to make a career out of this stuff :D

Since I won't be home for another week or so I'm just going to share the things that I have on hand, and when I do get home I'll share more 

Prismacolored pencils, based off of the entomology exhibit at the museum



Huge watercolor landscape. The city is based on my perception of Zenobia from Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities. This project was a lot of fun to do, even though I'm pretty new to watercolor



If anyone has read Six of Crows, you know what's going on. One of my first digital art pieces that I'm not super proud of, mostly because I have a problem with drawing faces, comical or not. 



And just a plain old goof based off of a TikTok my bf sent me, with my one-armed original character in his rightful place. I'm happy with the first panel, but I think I made his head too gat.dang big on the second one. If anyone has any tips about drawing faces, especially in different view points, I would love to hear them.




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