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there's so much nostalgia here

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wow i feel as old as a mountain seeing this site now, haven't been on here since like.... oh lord idk, over a decade.  spent like two months on here before i forgot about my poor probably dead eggs lol.  i was almost like a lil kiddo when i made that old account, i wish i could find it but i don't remember my username or login, so i just let it lay hidden somewhere in the past and made a new account.


feels like a bad idea to get back into forums right now considering i'm about to go into a job that will keep me extremely busy for a couple months lmao, but i know i'll manage to at least check on my eggs.  i have fond feelings about these forums, even though i was never very active on them.  perhaps because i was on here at the same time i was into the warrior cats forums lol, was so sad to see they shut down, but really glad to have this place still intact.


anyway, hey there!  name's mage, though you can also call me kovyx.  big sci-fi and fantasy fan, love roleplaying a little too much maybe, i'm pretty active on discord if you wanna hang out there.  also i'm a digital artist, working on a webcomic that i'll start releasing early 2021.  hit me up if you want art, to rp dragons or aliens (dragon aliens? 👀), or just wanna chill on discord lol... is there a discord server for this site? that would be super cool.

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Hello!  There is indeed a discord, you can find it in the news section!

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ah hell yeah! did a good search, took me a min to find lol, but i joined the one from TJ09 and linked my account~


think imma head over to get a mentor, seems like this place hasn't changed all that much but imma need some help remembering how forums work, cuz i always have lots of dumb questions lmao.

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