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howdy dragon cave!

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good evening dragon cave, i'm pan (he/him) and i'm here because i cannot get enough of pixel dragons. i'm a fan of alternate music—especially rock & chill stuff,—fantasy novels & i'm always down for a chat about any old nonsense!

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Hello and welcome! Which bands do you like? I've recently gotten into lo-fi remixes of video game soundtracks like Pokemon and Zelda. And also, fantasy novels!! Do you have a favorite series or author(s)? I loved Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman's Dragonlance series, and I'm a big fan of Tad Williams and Mercedes Lackey. 

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@StormBirdRising, @sh20000sh


thanks for the warm welcome!


and @purpledragonclaw


if you're also into chill music i'd definitely recommend the band Her's, they have plenty of super vibey dream pop songs & i love chilling to them. but honestly one of the artists i've been listening to most at the minute is a guy called cosmo shelldrake who makes what i can only describe as dark disney soundtrack music which is just 👌 as for novels i'm afraid to say i'm actually Bad at reading full series, most of what i read are one-off novels. truth be told, i say fantasy but most of what i'm reading now are magical realism style books. i'm currently reading a translated russian novel called 'the master and margarita"' which is Off-The-Walls in the best way & also re-reading the novel for 'howl's moving castle' as a more casual read because. o boy i'm enjoying margarita but it's so stupidly wordy lmao

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