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Hidden Crossroads

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Hidden Crossroads

In a land of old, mysterious magic and far flung civilizations, a new sort of city entirely has sprouted. Using a mix of old magic and unknown technology, The Labs has produced strange monsters that they give freely to the surrounding population. Now a vast city has sprung up around The Labs, forming a center of science and industry in an otherwise old fashioned world. Were you born here? Did you come from afar? The Labs do not care- the factories churn on regardless.

We are an adoptable pet based forum RPG with a dark mood, set in a high tech city that exists in a low tech magical world, with 10 different races to play as. Choose from over 100 collectible species of pet to play with, each with their own stats and moves, train your pets, find strange and valuable items, participate in contests and battles, and explore the world with your character! Custom creatures are available for purchase, and new species are added regularly.

The site is 14 years old and was opened in 2006, so there's plenty of content for you to explore. We’re super active with monthly (if not more frequent) updates, and would be happy to have some new blood around the site! Our community is super friendly and would be happy to get new members set up and show them how to play, and we have a discord for existing members. Feel free to check us out and make an account- we’d love to have you!


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