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The Opening of New Eyes.

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"Why are we leaving these here again? They're all just eggs." Says a slithering creature through the thick mist hovering over the land covered in light pink moonlight and under a soft dark  purple night sky. His companion,a female dragon,is carrying 5 eggs as well as he. "We are only doing as the king has commanded.Besides...." She pauses,her voice soft and smooth. She has a smooth accent. "You know they won't hatch, Flasher." 

The two come out from a thicket of large soft leaved bushels of a rich dark night black with star like sparkles embedded in their long leaves that come up 

gracefully from their beginning in the ground.

The female is a large slender dragon of creamy white and faint hints of gold. She has something regal about her,the way she walks

with a sway and a tenderness of her talons as they step carefully on the soft gray grass in the loving moonlight. 

She holds in one large fragile wing 5 eggs. 2 black ones and 2 silver. But one is white with rainbow colored speckles that glitter as if with life

in the pink tinted moonlight. She walks into the middle of the moonlit clearing and lays the eggs down carefully in the center.

There are,at the edge of the clearing,flowers that glow with a loving yet eeri shine of green and teal. The moon is shining directly where she lays the eggs and soon,the one called Flasher,her companion comes out from where she did. He's a dragon that has a strong build and has a large majesty to him despite being a bit smaller than the female. 

"Lavender,please. We can't. Besides,you know it's our sibling in one of these,please. Can't we keep him? He'll hatch,I swear.A little late sure bu-" 

She stops him with a gentle but commanding talon to the air. 
"Brother,we can't." 

Lavender seems pained about not being able to keep their younger siblings egg,but he had his chance to hatch and right now was the time where he had no chance again.

"The Shadows will come,and take them.Please.Don't make this any harder brother."
The male lowered his sharply featured head and nodded,pink eyes sad in the moonlight as he placed 3 silver eggs and 2 green and teal eggs down in the grass besides the others. 

"He'll hatch alone." He muttered softly,sadly as well as he looked to the white and speckled egg. 
"He won't hatch,otherwhise Father wouldn't have had us place them here." She says to him,walking over and placing a sisterly wing over him as he curls into her. His toxic green spikes on his back glow sadly. 

"I'm sorry brother." He says to the speckled egg.

Soon the older sister leads him back the way they had come,her golden eyes just as sad as Flashers pink ones. 

Once they are gone the world around the eggs is silent.


All except....for...

The speckled egg. 

And then it twitches...it twitches again! Life! 
Then suddenly it triggers life into all the other eggs and you hear soft little squeaks...of loneliness.  

The moon wraps them in kind soft,pink light and they calm.The speckled tho is still crying,crying out and shoving at his shell...until he breaks it,falling out of the circled group and flopping his little head sadly. 

He cries out,blind for the time being as the others would be at birth.

He squeaks and calls....but....no one comes.

No one...comes....: "Do not cry little one...you shalt be alone long." whispers a strange voice...and so this is where it begins.

The opening ... of new eyes.

You are one of these eggs,bound to hatch either this night or the next. You have been abandoned and now are pushing through and showing that you do have life and are the ones to save a world....a world that shall fall to war. But first...you must fight for your life against dangers in this world...this world.


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Hello! I'm Mage and I'm a RP Approver! I enjoy the premise of your hatchling RP, but unfortunately it is still quite barebones to be put through the approval process. For that, you would need some extra sections, such as rules, a character sheet, and more description about the world or the starting area (not to mention fixing grammar!). Are these DC dragons or are all dragons allowed? The RP creation guide is a good start to help you think about these things (even if the guide is a bit old):


Alternatively, you may skip this entire process and start RPing immediately by posting to Freeform Roleplays! Here: https://forums.dragcave.net/forum/36-freeform-role-plays/





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