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Aceymmetical's Introduction :) !

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Hello~! My name is Ace! 

I joined Dragcave a couple of weeks ago and so far i am in love with it!

I am 13,

I go by she/her pronouns,

and i am asexual panromantic polyamorous~!

I also go by Axe and Juice !

I dont think i'll be entirely active on the forums but i feel like it would be a great place to meet fellow Dragcave fans !

My main dragon right now is Blykx, my Falconiform Wyvern !

I love to draw and i'm starting to draw dragons more because of Dragcave! it's been mega fun !

I can take art requests any time :)!

I'm also totally down to chat with anybody ! i'm always open !

I hope to gain a ton of friendships and lovely experiences from the Dragcave forums !

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Hello and welcome, I hope you love it here! Guardian dragons are my favorite. ;) 

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