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Finally, I'm posting here

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I've actually been on the site for a little while, but I left the forums alone because I usually don't interact much. Now that I need to use it, hi! I'm eldritchcakepop. If that's a chore to type, you can just go with "eld." I came here through a link in someone else's signature, and since the dragon sprites are so neat I decided to sign up. I'm unfamiliar with a lot of the site terminology and mechanics, but I'm learning and referencing the wiki to figure it out.


I'm into pixel art, but I never finish anything so I never have much to show for it lol. I also love writing, classic literature, and cooking-- as the screenname might suggest. My current favorite breed of dragon on the site is the Aeria Gloris, they're so mysterious and weird. ♥ I'm also looking forward to the holiday dragons releasing this year! I'm hoping to slowly collect previous years' holiday dragons with short lineages as time goes on; that's the goal I decided I'd work toward when I'm not just collecting pretty dragons.

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Hello and welcome to the fourms :) I love the Aeria Gloris too, they're very... sci-fi. :P

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Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy!

6 hours ago, eldritchcakepop said:

I never finish anything so I never have much to show for it lol.


I know that feeling, I tried several thing, but never reached finish line that I set XD 

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