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Innocence -

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"I want to show you something..."

Aerciuss had gathered his things in the hold of his magic grip, and then turned to the pink unicorn. Her eyes glinted like sapphires, hope flourished. He gestured his head forward, prompting her to follow him as he started to walk up the winding path of the mountain range. It was just nearing dusk now. The sky painted itself in a golden-pink. The sun was barely peeking through the shimmering clouds. The mountains were vast, and treacherous. But they both had faith that the creatures that dwellwould leave them well enough alone. They had a long journey ahead of them indeed.

With great dignity, the painted stallion led his companion up a steep slope, and just past this, was a field of tall grass. A clearing, with a perfect view of the gods and their creations. The grass was washed out, but it flourished throughout. Most notably, yellow butterflies danced across the field.This would be a coin toss for sure, and with a moment of impulsion, Aerciussnudged herbefore plopping down into the grass.

Enjoy yourself while you can色

Stepping away from him for a few seconds. She stared out at the meadow with a new freedom. Her tiredness fading as she got a burst of energy and began to run. She wasnt trying to escape but it mightve looked that way, though as she came close to the horizon where she could easily disappear forever. She turned back and began to run circles. Jumping over small obstacles and rolling in the grass.

Smiling wide she stared out and noticed a patch of butterflies in the flowers, amazed at what these new colorful paper winged creatures were. Running up to the patch, they scattered and began to fly to different flowers and parts of the meadow. She followed and after a few tries, she learned she had to be quite and gentle with them. Slowly inching her way up to a yellow butterfly she sat herself down quietly and watched it. Open and close its wings as it ate from the flower below it. Her breathing quickened and she grew excited, watching this strange creature flap to another flower, eat, and then repeat the process.

Aerciusswatched as she suddenly bolted, but he didnt move. Then he saw her reappear in the horizon; As expected. He suddenly stood up and walked calmly over to her as she sneakily looked at a yellow butterfly. He lowered himself to the ground and laidnext to her. If you stay really still, they will sit on your nose. He whispered to her and suddenly sat up, staying incredibly still before a blue butterfly gently nestled itself on his snout. His brow rose as he showingly grinned and gestured her to do the same.

Watching him carefully she copied what he did. She slowly sat herself up and waited, relaxing herself into the grass and listening closely to the soft wind that blew. It took awhile but after awhile she felt a soft tickle on her nose, she opened her eyes and saw the paper winged creature now planted on her nose. Opening and closing its wings slowly. She smiled and stared at it for a good few moments before it flapped away. She stared at it, as it flew away. She wondered why she couldnt just do that. Go wherever she wanted and fly away from it all.

I wish I was that thing. She mumbled softly.

Aerciussflicked his ear and watched as she cheerfully stared at the butterfly resting on her snout. Then it flew away. His face fell as he listened to Diamond. Of course, everyone wanted to know how to fly away. Escape from reality.


Everyone wanted innocence.


Art byFaultyWiringTV

Story by FaultyWiringTV

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I like your art! The story seems interesting and you definitely have the seeds for a phenomenal piece! One thing to keep in mind when writing about non-humans to keep the descriptions aligned with the beings in which you are writing about. Using more equine, horse, terminology might make it more effective. For example, using words like trotting or galloping instead of walking and running. Hope you are having a great day

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Thank you! I was actually considering to edit it with that kind of terminology. I usually am good about that but this was a very quick story that I wrote when I was waiting for a class. I do appreciate the advice!

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