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Hadestown || The myth. The musical.

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Hello, everyone! I was wondering if there was any fanbase here for the musical Hadestown. New to broadway, and swept the Tonys this year with a whopping 13 nominations and 8 wins, including Best Musical.


It began as a concept album by Anaïs Mitchell's band some 12 years ago, and has gone from the New York Workshop, to Canada, to London, and is now on Broadway at the Walter Kerr Theatre!


The story is a modernized retelling of the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. The setting, though deliberately unspecified, is roughly the U.S. around the 1930's. Orpheus is an optimistic poet, and Eurydice a hungry young girl. When faced with financial hardship Eurydice falls to the temptations of Hades, who has an equally challenged relationship with his wife Persephone. Hermes is our passionate and wizened narrator.


The musical is a folk opera that tackles money, love, love loss, wealth, poverty, class distribution, capitalism, hope, and many deep and enthralling topics.


If you aren't already a fan, I hope you consider giving it a listen. The Live album is the most complete as of now, with the Broadway cast album releasing in increments, though the concept album exists as well.

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I’m a theatre major, and Hadestown has been my favorite musical since I listened to the NYTW album in March of 2018. It’s just so, so good. I got to see it in New York this year, and the stagecraft is just remarkable. Beautiful storytelling and music.


I listen to the various albums more than is healthy, that’s for sure.

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