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Hi I'm new here! Complete newbie at this

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Hello everyone I'm Spiritsintertwined, but my nickname is Manah! ☺️

I think dragons are awesome so I joined this place.

My other interests are Final Fantasy, Yugioh and roleplaying on discord and Tumblr.


Two of my dragons got sick, so I got startled and fogged them all haha ☹️

I'm not sure how things work so any help is appreciated!

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Hey Manah! Hope your sick dragons feel better now. Good thing you knew to fog them. I remember I freaked out super hard the first time my dragon got sick. Welcome!

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Thank you all very much for the warm welcome! I'll be sure to check out that mentoring thread!

The sick dragons seem to feel better now, but I'll keep them fogged a bit longer just to be sure ❤️

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