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Bork! It’s your average newbie here :3

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Hello fellow users, my name is Risensong (you can call me Risen or Song)! (And well, my account and scroll name is mooneffects if you were wondering..) I am a big fan of Risensong Dragons, hence my name. I just joined this game like a few days ago?? But I am already loving it, all the dragons on here look very cool (the Spriters are so talented!!) and this game can keep me entertained for hours. I think the forums that I will frequent the most are the Roleplay forums since I love role playing! Just a quick info about me, I’m female, go by she/her pronouns, I am 19 years old and Australian. I am the proud mom of 2 cats, 1 dog, a parrot, an axolotl and some more exotic pets. I like K-pop, my main Stan groups being BTS, TXT, EXO and BLACKPINK. I like Harry Potter, Pokémon, Warrior Cats and more fantasy series, feel free to chat with me as I’m very chatty and love talking. I don’t bite XD

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