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Hello there! <3

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Hi there, I'm Jezebaal, or Jeze, but everyone calls me Ari, short for my first name, Arianna.  I've known about the site through helping someone with their eggs since around 2009 (clicking when they asked) and just recently met a girl I got really fond of who convinced me to actually give it a try.  I made a scroll using the same moniker of jezebaal about a week ago, but hadn't found a chance to property register until today. 


I'm 25, but will be turning 26 this April 30th.  I'm super into rodents and animals, fashion, literature, writing and poetry, music especially based around EDM and death rock and goth, video games, and anything romance or horror no matter how much a B-movie it is, and a huuuge comics fan.


Anyway, you all have a nice website that has been around such a long time.  Nice to join up.

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Hello and welcome! Which video games do you like? I love gaming, if my avatar and sig didn't give it away. XD 

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