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hello there! im fluffywolf58! and im here because i need your help! you see, i have a couple of hatchlings and i need your help to grow them up! im also wondering how i get badges and trophies..

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Hello and welcome! Most of us use fansites to get our dragons the views they need to hatch and grow up. Clicks are helpful because they're worth a lot of views, but it's possible for dragons to grow up without them. Here is the list of fansites you can choose from; I use Valley Sherwood, Silvi's Lair, and Allure of Neglected Dragons. This page has some information on how trophies work: you get them based on the number of adult and frozen hatchlings you have. Badges you get for participating in in-game events, which usually happen on Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas, and April Fool's Day. If you have more questions, you can always PM me and I'll be happy to help you! You can also request a mentor in  The Mentoring Project. Mentors are here to answer your questions and teach you how to raise your dragons and use the forums. I'm a mentor and love helping people learn this game. ❤️

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